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Bursting onto the scene with their immensely bold debut, VIVIZ is gearing up in preparation for their entrance into the US market, recently releasing a novel iteration of their title track “BOP BOP!” from their first mini-album. Joining hands with American musician Yves V, the new version of the lead track is set to be a part of VIVIZ’s pre-debut plan, which showcases all the hopes of their successful initiation within the US industry.

We recently had a chat with the three-member K-pop girl group VIVIZ (comprised of Umji, Eunha, and Sinbi) to discuss their experience on the debut project and if they have any plans for the group regarding their future.

Initially, how did the three of you decide that music was something that you wanted to pursue as a professional career?

Umji: I debuted through casting, and I’m grateful for it. While I was putting serious thought into my future, I thought it would be a good experience, so I decided to go for it. I am truly grateful for having made that decision.

SinB: I have been interested in dancing and singing since I was young. I think I ended up in this career by following my interests.

Eunha: I have enjoyed singing ever since I was young. Although I dreamed of becoming a singer, I gave up because I thought it wasn’t realistic. But luckily, there was someone who believed in me, and they offered to help me debut, so I decided to take on the challenge!

What were your first impressions of each other?

Eunha: Our first impressions of each other was, “Wow, they’re so pretty.”

Umji: They were pretty… There wasn’t anything more I could say other than that. (laughs)

How was your overall experience like working on the title track “BOP BOP!” and your first mini-album?

Umji: It’s a song that we all like. This song felt like it belonged to us from the first time I listened to it, so we enjoyed preparing this album.

SinB: We put a lot of effort into the recording. Because it’s our first album as VIVIZ and a genre that we haven’t experimented with since our debut seven years ago, we put tremendous effort into it. We put a lot of effort into the recording. Because it’s our first album as VIVIZ, and we’ve never experimented with this genre in our eight years as singers, we put our heart and soul into it.

Let’s talk about the remix that you recently released for the title track. What was each of your reaction like when you heard the global version of the track for the first time?

Umji: It was fascinating to see that our song could be reborn with a different vibe like this.

Eunha: It felt like we were visiting a popular place. Felt like a festival!

How did the collaboration with the wonderful Yves V come into existence? Have you been a fan of his before?

Umji: I thought it would be wonderful to work with Yves V when we heard the news of making a remix version of “BOP BOP!” since he’s so famous for remixes and DJing.

SinB: We were able to work with him because he gave us a positive response.

Eunha: I listened to Yves V’s songs when I was looking for exciting music. I think I have been his fan since then! (laughs)

You also recently performed on the Grammys Global Spin. Congratulations on that! What was your experience like with that particular performance?

Umji: I wanted to do it right since it’s our first performance for our US debut.

SinB: I think a very appealing performance came out thanks to our debut song, “BOP BOP!” the hanbok, and Dongdaemun’s nightscape worked well together in harmony.

Eunha: I think you can feel our energy in the video because we had a lot of fun performing at the shoot.

Now that you’re officially making your debut into the US industry, is there anything on your bucket list to do together as a team?

Umji: I wish to work on an English-lyric song.

Eunha: Don’t you think an English song of VIVIZ would be interesting?

Lastly, is there any message that you wish to convey to your fans?

Eunha: Our beloved Na.V! Your support always energizes and gives us strength, wherever we are.

Umji: Thank you for always looking out for us and supporting us in everything we do.

SinB: I hope you will continue to be with us and for us to keep making lasting memories together.