UMI — whatever u like

UMI, also known as everyone’s favorite R&B/neo soul/bedroom pop artist, is back with a new single, and it’s as vibrant and transcendent as ever. 

The second single off her upcoming debut album Forest in the City due in May, “whatever u like” is a song about honoring your inner child and the joys that come with reconnecting with a part of yourself that was once forgotten. In a recent Instagram post about the song’s release, UMI wrote, “May this song remind you to let your inner child play…to be the freest and fullest version of you, in every moment.” The song certainly accomplishes this, its twinkly melody and charming lyrics serving as a wholesome reminder to listeners that it’s more than OK to play, explore, and dream as big as you once did as a child.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry / I didn’t mean to crash your pity party, your party,” she sings at one point before the song’s booming chorus. “Baby, you’re giving me light / You get whatever you like / I wanna hold you tight / No need to put up a fight.” Each lyric flows seamlessly from one verse to the next, creating a relaxing summertime vibe that radiates throughout.

The single’s accompanying music video lends its hand even more to highlight the song’s message with its fun and colorful visuals. As soon as the video begins, viewers can find UMI and a group of her friends dressed as fairies wandering across the forest and a beach on an adventure. Running and dancing from scene to scene, the group make their way down paths filled with bright colors and hues of nature, all combining together to match the youthful tone of the song perfectly. There are even shots of little kids playing together on the same adventure, mirroring UMI and her friend group’s actions. It’s a sweet and precious visualization of how freeing life can be when you let your inner child have fun and run free.

“whatever u like” follows the release of UMI’s single “sorry,” which dropped this past March. Both songs are part of her album Forest in the City, and we’re so excited to hear more songs from UMI come album release time. With spring here and UMI already soundtracking our countdown to summer, May is sure to bring with it good vibes and even more exciting music.

“whatever u like” is available now on all streaming platforms.