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Panda Express and 3.1 Phillip Lim Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month

As a way of celebrating the AAPI Heritage month, Panda Express has partnered with designer Phillip Lim to benefit charity organizations. Other than marking the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the “Eat More, Share More, Love More” collection is also meant to highlight the rampant food insecurity situation in the AAPI community. Proceeds raised from the collaboration go to providing safe and nutritious foods to those in need.

The entire net profits earned from the joint activities will be donated to charity organizations dealing with food security. These include More Than a Meal, Heart of Dinner, Radical Family Farms, Welcome to Chinatown and Respect Your Elders. Besides, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Panda Express have partnered with GoFundMe to launch “Eat More, Share More, Love More.” The fund welcomes the public to pledge donations dedicated to benefiting the AAPI culture and community as a whole.

The collaboration was inspired by the importance of food in Asian cultures and features a cape, T-shirt, and crewneck sweatshirt. Every piece available is marked with designs focused on family-style plate sharing as well as cultural appreciation. The circular shape of the dish is used to symbolize unity at a time when there’s division among people.

“As we continue to fight against hate and promote inclusivity, there’s also a need to balance this with love and nourishment. There’s no better way to bring people together than through food. Welcome people to a table full of bread and you instantly have a community. Food has been a unifying factor across cultures throughout history. We can give each other the opportunity of experiencing real humanity by a simple act of sharing a meal,” Phillip Lim said in a statement.

The Chief Brand Officer at Panda Express, Andrea Cherng, said in a statement that they were proud to partner with Lim in an initiative that’s meant to benefit the AAPI community.

“We are extremely proud to work with Phillip Lim in raising awareness about food insecurity in our community. We have known Phillip for many years and we really appreciate his advocacy role in AAPI. We are always happy to wake up and go to work knowing that our efforts go towards helping the needy in the society.”

The collaboration has received backing from several organizations and individuals. Visit Panda Express and 3.1 Phillip Lim’s website to support the initiative by placing your orders.