Daimy Lotus
Photo: Rebecca Weltner

Daimy Lotus — Over You

“I don’t want her to want you / The way that I do,” Daimy Lotus sings over the single’s compelling hooks, building tension with each lyric sung before detonating into a rhythm of enraged emotion. Lotus, like any other sane human, wants their lover’s ex to keep their distance, or at least stay firmly in the friend zone. Woefully, this doesn’t always go to plan, and in Lotus’s case an unwanted visitor thrashes against the door of her fairytale relationship; that’s right, the ex-girlfriend has arrived …

What does Lotus do in this situation? Write a badass, all-guns-blazing record that diffuses any possible reconnection of the deranged ex re-entering her partner’s life. Lotus’s approach to facing sticky situations is to find release through songwriting, hence her back catalog dissecting themes of heartbreak, self-growth, and mental health — making music both a coping mechanism and a stress reliever. Plus it makes for expertly crafted pop jewels for all to devour.

“‘Over You’ is about that annoying ex-girlfriend who thinks your man is still her happy-ever-after,” Lotus explained in a statement. “And you convince yourself you’re not thinking about her but you’re actually super annoyed with her being everywhere all the fucking time, stalking you on social media and all that.”

The Rotterdam-based musician is no stranger to whipping up glossy pop with a sharp edge, “Over You” being the latest addition to a string of surefire canticles including “Never Get Me” and the 2021 release “Gravity,” all of which have seen Lotus exceed expectations and gain a multitude of editorial support from Spotify in their Fresh Pop, New Music Friday NL, and Indie Alternative playlists.

EUPHORIA. sneakily previewed the accompanying music video for “Over You” and we can confidently say that the pink paradise visual will be one to stun its viewer. In the style of a live performance, the floral-filled backdrop builds anticipation for what a Daimy Lotus live performance could entail in the future. We advise to keep a firm eye on Lotus’s social channels for when the video makes its way online, especially her Instagram, where you can find further teasing for the video!

Her second release of the year, “Over You” paints Lotus in a pop-punk light comparable to the likes of Baby Queen and TikTok luminaries GAYLE & Leah Kate. Time will only tell what’s on the horizon for the artist, but best believe we’ve got a front-row seat ready to endure her on the road to superstardom.