jame minogue

jame minogue — Hate Being in Love

Summer came early with jame minogue’s new single, “Hate Being in Love.”

The air smells like tangerine and tastes like honey, where grass is greener and birds chime in lovey-dovey tones, but jame minogue is caught with mixed feelings. In his latest track, the Dominican-Irish artist juxtaposes bright and shimmering melody to melancholic lyrics. He weaves melodrama to the lively percussion, his voice drenched of disappointment while wearing bright orange pants and yellow sunglasses. The title of the song says it all. “Hate Being in Love” details the frustration of crushing and infatuation, but who doesn’t want to be in love? In so many ways, being in love feels exactly like a smashed cake at a perfect summer afternoon picnic — the way minogue has it in his music video.

The music video, done by Camila Noriega, for “Hate Being in Love” has a natural vintage look. With dazzling warm tones, minogue has a lovely bouquet and an old-style cake while he dances through a sea of greens. Under a nice flare of sun, minogue and his disco-inspired outfit glimmers on screen. But still, he could look happier. In the video, he seems to be waiting for someone — in fact, perhaps he doesn’t even know if they’re coming. The video presents an emotional rollercoaster that moves through motions: he lays down with the bouquet next to him, he dances alone down a lonely trail, he starts drumming out of boredom and eventually drumming on the cake instead …

“God I just hate being in love,” he sings.

minogue presents the dilemma ever so cleverly through his playful lyricism. “Givin’ you love on the low when you need me / You love me, you need me, you call me your sweetie / So why are you leaving, every weekend?” In just a few lines, he explains the pros and cons and makes everyone listening sympathize and relate. Though “Hate Being in Love” is just the lead single from his upcoming EP, Príncipe Azul, it paints minogue as a lovable sweetheart and a must-have artist on your radar.

Not only does he know the fine craft of melodrama, he makes sure everything sounds and feels cohesive. The track closes on the chorus accompanied by a live conga segment, ending it with an emotional high. It kind of feels like the cherry on top, and it most definitely feels like a big “aw” moment when you first feel the butterflies in your stomach when falling in love.

So many of us fell in love while listening to “Sunflower” by Rex Orange County with that special someone — at least once in everyone’s life. That kind of sentimental, youthful love with ease still exists in the year of 2022, and minogue’s “Hate Being in Love” is the proof of it.