Between Friends


Following the release of their latest full record I like it when you shine!, LA-based sibling indie pop duo BETWEEN FRIENDS comes back to feed fans exactly what they’ve been craving with new vibey earworm “more.”

Full of sonically pleasing surprises characteristic of the duo’s playful and intuitive production style, the new track not only expands on the universe of Savannah and Brandon Hudson but it somewhat takes listeners back to the origins of the band, more specifically to their 2018 EP we just need some time together. The new single also explores the topic of “hating being lonely” — an almost continuation of the previous work of the artists as the topic of wanting “more” and “really needing” to the presence of that someone who you are yet to meet.

BETWEEN FRIENDS are also really great at providing imagery and references in their songs, and “more” is certainly not the exception. Hinting back to their childhood and neighborhood, the almost relaxed psychedelic indie pop piece touches on suburban love and the feeling of a nostalgic love, which felt so pure and sincere. Both of them definitely benefit from the creative and safe space that only a close friendship with your sibling can provide, ultimately materializing in music that will inevitably get stuck in your head.

Speaking about the making of the track to V magazine, Savannah said, “This song was fun to make specifically because we had both come to each other with this idea. It was the same idea. Like we’re so connected like that.”

Taken from their upcoming EP Cutie, to be released this summer on 10K Projects, the track offers a sneak peek into what’s to come. The new record promises to be saturated with high school nostalgia with sprinkles of alt R&B and ’50s elevator music, which are a winning combination for catchiness.