Photo: Kanya Iwana


What happens when two talented singer-songwriters join forces to create music? The answer: magic!

LA-based alt-pop musician CLAY and Grammy Award-winning Canadian star Alessia Cara kick March off with the latest offering from CLAY’s forthcoming EP, Breathing Into Bloom, which will drop May 4.

Titled “WTSGD” (When the Sun Goes Down), the sorrowful yet peaceful song is filled with beautiful harmonies throughout and is one for your chilled-out playlists for when you need to zone out. The sparkle surrounding the song is that the R&B-influenced ballad will lyrically resonate with listeners on a personal level but will still remain a place of escapism. The duo sing in the chorus: “Oh, when the night comes, I gotta face it / Every step I, thought I have taken / Oh, when the night comes, I gotta face it / When the sun goes down.

EUPHORIA. spoke to CLAY about the stunning new release, her upcoming new project, and their main goal for 2022.

What was the main inspiration behind your new single, “WTSGD?”

As we were writing this song, we were both in quarantine, grappling with a new normal. Feelings of isolation, loneliness, and struggles with mental health that we both had pre-pandemic were right on the surface given the state of the world. We wanted to give a truly honest depiction of what we were feeling like right then and there. The nighttime being the hardest to face.

How did this collaboration come about?

Alessia and I have been friends for years and I’ve always been a fan of her voice, songwriting, and music. Also, I love just what a sweet and genuine person she is. I reached out during the pandemic and asked if she wanted to try writing something together. We hopped on FaceTime the following week and it was such a natural flow. We spent more than half of the time just talking about our lives and our quarantine experiences and the song just flowed out so naturally.  

Was there any advice Alessia gave you or anything you learned from working with her that has stuck with you?

It’s incredible to see an artist do it all: produce, write, play instruments, etc. Alessia is such a strong writer and lyricist. It was inspiring to work alongside someone who cares so much about every aspect of the song in its rawest form. Collaborating with her truly made me a better and more confident creative all around.

Is there a music video planned? If so, what can you tell me about it?

We don’t have one planned as of yet, however, I did make a treatment for it … lots of blue hues, shadows, and some elements of magical realism, all while exploring the theme of isolation/solitude. In the meantime I do have a beautiful visualizer that touches on these themes/visuals coming out.

What can you tell me about your upcoming EP?

It is a body of work that feels very cohesive and a step in the sonic direction I am trying to move towards. Some of my most vulnerable and open-hearted work to date. 

What are you hoping listeners will take away from the project once they hear it?

Hopefully it exists in a flexible enough space, genre-wise, that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. In terms of the content/lyricism, I truly hope that people can find some healing. These songs were very healing to write so I hope that people can feel that, and use the music to aid in their own healing journeys. 

What is one goal you really want to achieve by the end of the year?

I would love to finish another EP and TOUR!