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Pleasing Launches New Shroom Bloom Collection

Fleetwood Mac star Mick Fleetwood is the new face of the collection.

Spring is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to refresh your skin care routine with the help of Pleasing’s newest collection, Shroom Bloom. Launching March 15, the latest mini collection includes a new set of nail polishes, along with a hand and nail balm and an overnight serum. The retro-feeling, psychedelic theme falls right in line with the face of Shroom Bloom, Mick Fleetwood.

For Harry Styles, the man behind the Pleasing brand, choosing Fleetwood to star in this campaign was a no-brainer. “He’s a magical man,” Styles told Vogue this month. “Mick is someone who brings me — and countless others — great joy. I felt there couldn’t be a better embodiment of Pleasing, or a person who could so naturally capture the wizardry that we love.”

The two go way back — Styles is a longtime fan of Fleetwood Mac, and Fleetwood’s daughters convinced their dad to take them to see One Direction back in the day. The rest, as they say, is history. Styles quickly befriended Fleetwood and frontwoman Stevie Nicks, and they’ve been close ever since. Fleetwood told Vogue he was more than happy to be a part of Styles’s vision for Shroom Bloom because of that.

“Pleasing is this experience of, ‘Why not?’ or ‘I’ve never thought of that’ — and that’s why I’m part of it,” Fleetwood shared. “It says, here’s something, either literally or figuratively, to hold your hand while we’re all on this journey. That’s what it means to me.” He continued by saying he thinks this launch and Pleasing as a whole are “just the beginning of a real lovely journey” for Styles.


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Pleasing shared the new dreamy campaign photos — shot at Fleetwood’s Maui home — on Instagram on March 7. Alongside the groovy shots, Pleasing wrote, “The air feels cool, your senses are heightened. Perhaps, for the first time this year, you’re truly noticing nature. A singular blade of grass moving in the breeze. A ladybird landing on a petal. The sun going down a little earlier than you expected, moving through the billow of clouds. There are endless possibilities waiting for you.”

Shop Pleasing’s Shroom Bloom Collection

Sprouting Polish ($20)



The Shroom Bloom Set ($65)

Nail polish set

The Whole Dewniverse ($20)


Acid Drops ($35)


Hand + Nail Balm ($25)


The Pleasing Crewneck in Sky Blue ($105)


The Pleasing T-Shirt in Blush Pink ($60)


The Pleasing T-Shirt in Sunshine Yellow ($60)


You can shop the new Pleasing Shroom Bloom collection on Pleasing’s website starting at 12 p.m. ET on March 15. Supplies will be limited.