This year is off to a bombastic start for K-pop sensation PENTAGON as they breathe life into their new mini-album IN:VITE U. The group has been constantly reinventing themselves by experimenting with different sides to their music. After a hiatus of over 10 months, the group finally made the highly anticipated decision to make a comeback with IN:VITE U — a short collection of songs consisting of six phenomenal tracks.

Each of the tracks projects a bright new sound into existence. All of the six tracks, including the immensely energetic lead track “Feelin’ Like”, have been composed and penned by the members themselves. Having explored a completely distinct side of their artistic abilities since their self-titled debut album came to light, this new mini-album provides a glimpse into a much more versatile aspect of the boys. Since their debut, PENTAGON has so far released 11 mini-albums, three digital singles, and a studio album.

We recently had an in-depth conversation with PENTAGON discussing all things about their 12 mini-album.

First of all, huge congratulations on your mini album IN:VITE U. This year has been off to a great start for you guys. How was your experience creating an album amidst everything going on currently?

JINHO: It’s been a while since the last comeback. I think I focused on my personal growth, not to feel the hiatus. It was a little difficult loosening up my body and vocals, but I am proud I went through it well.

HONGSEOK: Preparing for a comeback is always fun. Because I am happy to dance and sing, the excitement of meeting UNIVERSE again always makes our hearts beat.

SHINWON: It was a process of feeling alive again and becoming more professional.

YEOONE: I felt that PENTAGON had grown so much and, I think this album left a good impression on the public by winning first place on the music show.

YANAN: From recording to choreography, we prepared really hard, and it was hard, but the results turned out to be good. It was a proud experience.

YUTO: I prepared the album thinking it was a new start because it was our first time trying a new concept style and song.

KINO: I worked on the album with more tension than excitement since it’s been 10months since releasing a new album. Now is the time to make changes, so I tried my best in the process and learned a lot.

WOOSEOK: I think practicing and putting in effort until late at night is just an essential thing. Since our fans waited for us a long time, we prepared an album with PENTAGON’s unique color. I was very excited to think how much UNIVERSE would like it.


Can you walk us through the creative process for the album. Did you face any sort of challenges while creating this project?

KINO: It was challenging to think about what would suit PENTAGON the best. Because we were challenging a new genre of songs.

WOOSEOK: I think there were so many hard and complex parts that I can’t say there were a few times but I couldn’t give up because I know that the consequences of responsibility and process lead to results. I learned and grew by nagging myself in preparing this album.

You have garnered such a massive and global influence through your artistry. Do you think having such immense support adds a kind of pressure to your projects or is it something that you perceive as a motivation?

HONGSEOK: I think receiving tremendous love and interest comes with responsibility, and I really want to show better performance in return for the love that many fans have given us.

YEOONE: The love and interest from many fans wasn’t a burden, but rather a good motivation. I want to do a world tour again as soon as possible and meet our fans worldwide.

Which track stands out for each of you in terms of this project? What sort of message do you aim for your listeners to take away from IN:VITE U when they listen to it for the first time?

JINHO: I like the track, “Sparkling Night” the most. The song itself is good, and it may vary from person to person, but it’s not common for a song to make you imagine a certain background or a picture. I also recommend falling into your memories while listening to “Sparkling Night.”

HONGSEOK: My favorite track is “Sparkling Night.” For those who are listening to our album for the first time, I hope you think, “Wow, where did these artists come from? They are cool!”

YEOONE: “The Game.” I really would like to instill the idea that PENTAGON is a group that enjoys music and is good at it.

SHINWON: “Sparkling Night.” I hope the song offers feelings of warmth and serenity to its listeners.

YANAN: Personally, I like “One Shot” the most. I hope first-time listeners will receive a mature feeling of PENTAGON.

YUTO: I’ve been listening to “The Game” a lot. I hope that listeners will see PENTAGON’s musical side.

KINO: I like “One Shot.” I would like our listeners to think, “PENTAGON, these kids know how to have fun.”

WOOSEOK: I had fun making the track, “The Game,” and I enjoyed it so much! The catchy melody stimulates the ears with an attempted sound and effects. I hope this album gives people to look forward to PENTAGON’s future albums.

How are you all maintaining your creativity during times like these? Is there anything that you’re currently doing to make yourselves more productive?

JINHO: Since I am the main vocal, I practice a lot, emphasizing improving my vocal skills. I think a good song sounds better when the player does well.

KINO: These days, rather than developing creativity, I try to make something or do something constantly.

WOOSEOK: I think it’s important to have time and habits to think alone. I also believe each person has a different way of expressing and continuing that idea. I continue to have time writing lyrics, whether the subjects are easy or heavy.

What’s next for all of you? Anything on your bucket list for the year 2022?

HONGSEOK: I would like to meet UNIVERSE more. I would like to have a concert or go on a world tour.

YEOONE: Personally, I really want to go on a world tour again.

YANAN: I hope everybody stays healthy.

YUTO: We aimed to win first place and thankfully we did. So I would like to show how much PENTAGON will grow!

Lastly, is there any message that you wish to convey to your fans reading this interview right now?

JINHO: I felt sad that we couldn’t meet our fans in person and show them our performance on stage during this album. But I hope that the emptiness will fade through our various contents. We will try to see you more often. Take care. Love you all!!

HONGSEOK: UNIVERSE! I miss you. Wait for me!

SHINWON: UNIVERSE! This album is a masterpiece, so I hope everyone enjoys it! I Love you!

YEOONE: Please keep an eye on us and support us as we continue to grow. We’ll be back with better performances!

YANAN: UNIVERSE, I miss you so much, I love you, and I wish you a happy new year! See you soon. Thank you for waiting for us. Let’s be together forever!

YUTO: PENTAGON is back after a long time! Even though we are far away, I feel a lot of love from UNIVERSE. We will become amazing artists to match up the love you give us. Thank you always!

KINO: It’s been a while since PENTAGON made a comeback. We have worked hard with all our passion for this album, and I am happy because it seems like our fans like our album. I’ll do my best till the end. I hope you look after us this year also!

WOOSEOK: Because of UNIVERSE, all the time and passion we have put in are not in vain and remain in our footsteps. Thank you so much for making us feel happy to be together. I love you all!