Gigi Moss

Gigi Moss

Just like her influences — Adele, Lauryn Hill, and Amy Winehouse — emerging North London-born talent Gigi Moss is all about expressing herself from the personal experiences she’s lived through. Having already caught the attention of AJ Tracey and Big Zuu, it’s only a matter of time until she’s in the same league as the young British stars of today — Mimi Webb, Griff, and Mahalia — who are captivating listeners with their truth.

With just four releases under her belt, Moss’s career is still in the early stages. Her dreamy 2021 song “Poisoned Whispers,” in particular, showcased true potential. Lyrically, the song challenges the emotions you have to face during a toxic relationship. However, sonically, it was filled with romantic horns and a chilled-out mid-tempo production that proved to be a stunning contrast and a song worth returning to.

Still on the topic of heartbreak, Moss has just dropped her first single of 2022, “Cyanide.” During an interview with EUPHORIA., she discussed the new ballad, its music video, and what she hopes to achieve by the end of the year.

Tell me about your latest single, “Cyanide.” How did it come about and what inspired it?

I was going through a breakup at the time where I was the one to end it, so “Cyanide” came from a place of a lot of guilt. I was beating myself up about not handling certain situations as well as I could’ve.

The song features heartfelt/vulnerable lyrics. Do you find it easy wearing your heart on your sleeve during the creative process?

I write most of my music from real experiences and usually have a whole song or at least a few beginning lyrics before I go into the studio. I’m a very open person so when it comes to the creative process if I can connect with someone on a surface level, I’m usually comfortable enough to dig deep. I created this track with Paul Carr, we work together a lot so I always feel in a safe place to talk about whatever I want to write about that day to him.

The video, which will drop Feb. 18, is very cool and features clips from old black-and-white movies. What made you come up with that idea?

I struggled quite a bit with how I wanted the music video for “Cyanide” to be at first. It didn’t feel right to see it on digital but I knew if it was only film shots of me, the video may get a little bit boring. All the old clips taken are supposed to be a reference to a certain lyric and I think that they fit the aesthetic. When I first watched it over, I knew it was it because it made me emotional visually.

Is this song going to be a part of a bigger project fans can expect soon?

Yes! I’m super excited that this will be the first single off my debut EP coming very soon.

Your song “Poisoned Whispers” remains your most popular to date. What is it about that song that you believe is resonating with listeners?

I really enjoy making songs at the tempo of “Poisoned Whispers,” I think my voice flows quite well. It’s quite calming but you’re also able to tap your foot to it at the same time so it gives off a nice chilled vibe that you can listen to when you’re either happy or sad.

What is one major goal you would like to achieve by the end of the year?

Definitely to develop and become a better songwriter and musician. I think it’s so important to not become complacent in what you’re doing. I have my plan and body of songs ready for this year but I’m already thinking about the next and how to develop my songwriting further. Also, a UK tour!