KAWAkEY Autumn/Winter 2022/2023

Inspired by a great story of appreciating our deepest secrets, KAWAkEY has over time been determined to have in effect a seismic shift in the world of fashion. With sustainability at heart, it has incorporated a wide spectrum of certified environmentally friendly plant-based fabric in its designs with reduction and repurposing of wastes, good choice of materials, and packaging. 

A rebranding of KA WA KEY into a single term KAWAkEY with a lowercase “k” comes in to supplement its uniquely designed pieces. Although it may look like a typo, the lowercase letter is there to symbolize how the brand sees beauty in imperfections.

The recent autumn/winter 2022 collection is nothing less but an exhilarating one. KAWAkEY uses digital prints on various kinds of tencel satin and BCI cotton twills. This imitates the effects of how things fade away over time becoming moth-eaten and dusty, with the layered prints and textures dissolving into each other beautifully. In the real world, we have fantasies and secret stories that we keep to ourselves and some of which we are ashamed. 

As much as we try to keep those stories tucked under our beds, sometimes we think of them, remember them and they spring back to being part of who we are in our lives. The different shades of life, the disappointments, fantasies, and the different stories are all that make life emerge beautifully. This concept has been well displayed in the printed collections that are definitely worth a dime. 

Naturally, art and design are great ways to communicate our feelings and tell the different stories and situations of our hearts. In addition, Mohair and Alpaca blended yarns are knitted with unique gradient effects to reinterpret fabric fades in an exaggerated form, then heavily brushed to imitate worn-out romantic knits.

At KAWAkEY, the traditional crafts are redesigned and reimagined. No limit is attached as to how much the designs bring out the emotions within: knitting and crafting are seen as genuine ways of expressing emotional vulnerability. The emerging genderless collections, subjected under unlimited colorways just bring out the best not forgetting the unprecedented proportions.