Joshy Soul

Joshy Soul — New Lover

Joshy Soul has released a stellar video to his ascending, infatuating single “New Lover.” Released just in time for the new year, “New Lover” is a true “New Year, New Me” anthem. Free-spirited in nature, this song features a wide array of jazzy arrangements. A composition that reminisces with ’70s disco  but in an even more flamboyant tempo, “New Lover” is a dance track that requires a few drinks.

“NEW YEAR, NEW ME, NEW LOVER,” Joshy described the track in a press release, “the song is about me having a rough year focusing on pleasing people and others. This new year I found myself a new lover (which is myself). Taking care of my mental health and not always putting others before, especially my romantic relationships.”

Embodying his music through every aspect of his presence, Joshy Soul’s artistic branding is flashy and timelessly in style. The music video of “New Lover” lavishly employs the color red, creating a mesmerizing ambience for the funk-inspired, disco-esque track. From leather jackets to plastic tinted sunglasses, overdrawn red lips to vintage projector, Joshy Soul is redefining camp with both cheap thrills and expensive taste.

While it is hard to pick out a best moment of the video, the opening dance break is instantly captivating, to say the least. In a white tank, black pants, he walks effortlessly away from a graffiti wall and to the front. Then comes a few determined stumps, points, grooves, and off he goes. The vibrant dance moves perfectly accentuate the bright synths, refining classy with just a touch of risqué.

Another highlight would be the intoxicating camp-glam towards the end of the video. If Joshy’s raspy high notes have a look of their own, they would look like this. Dressed in a black lace nightgown, with retro pearls dangling from his ears and rainbow tear makeup around his eyes, this look screams of references to Prince. As the song closes off at its climax, the synth melody is embraced by a blast of drum and deep bass. Joshy’s vintage-inspired look manages to perfectly visualize this epic sonic moment.

A fun, structurally simple track, “New Lover” demonstrates Joshy Soul’s ability as a performer. He proves that a statement piece does not have to be complex for it to be a signature one. With just a few grooves and swags, the new funk prince has entered the room and is here to win your hearts.