Nova Miller

Nova Miller — cold feet

Singer/Songwriter Nova Miller stunned the world with her viral “Bad Romance” challenge video on TikTok and now she’s reflecting on heartbreak in her new poignant track “cold feet.”

Miller opens up in “cold feet” about her significant other ending a relationship once things got super serious by simply getting cold feet. The singer’s robust five-octave range and vulnerable lyrics find her grieving about the ended relationship wondering if her ex has moved on with someone else and confessing she’s unable to do the same.

“Left your stuff and keys on the carpet / and my heart in your freezing apartment / shit got tough and right away you turned into a ghost / I really want to hate you but I don’t,” she sings.

The song as a whole has you really feeling for the artist and draws you in even more with the accompanying music video, which is a cinematic masterpiece that flashes back to the relationship. Heartbreak isn’t easy but she makes it hurt less with a track such as this one.

Miller tells EUPHORIA., “Cold feet is the most real and raw song I’ve put out. I feel so genuinely proud that I am finally able to showcase a more mature side to my voice and my lyrics. Right from the start, I felt like it was special. As soon as we came up with the dynamic drop it just made me feel something new as a songwriter. I think that it literally takes you on a ride through the ups and downs in a relationship that everyone can relate to. This song means a lot to me as it’s about my sister’s breakup. Her and I have a very unique bond and I was really able to put her emotions into this song. I love how the piano riff keeps coming back throughout the song. I can’t wait for it to reach the people it’s supposed to reach. You heard it here first!”

On top of the release of “cold feet,” the artist has announced the date of her upcoming EP Sting, set to release on Feb. 11 via 300 Entertainment.

Miller’s vulnerability is admirable and this track is easily relatable in all the ways. It’s  shimmering, pop perfection with clean production. The 20-year old artist knows how to captivate listeners with her unique style. Have her on your radar as there is much more stunning anthems to come!