Lauv — 26

Multi-platinum and chart-topping artist Ari Leff, better known as Lauv, has made his return with his first release of 2022.

The pop musician isn’t afraid to get introspective with his new single “26.”  The guitar-riff and hypnotic-led track finds the singer/songwriter reflecting on simply being 26 and finding himself again.

“Oooh money buys you happiness but oooh doesn’t buy you time/ the more I get older/ the less I wanna be sober/ But I can’t quit goddamnit/ maybe I’m just broken/ I’ll never admit it but I wish I was younger/ yeah, 26 and rich/ how the hell did it come to this?,” he sings.

These lyrics vividly paint a picture and have the artist wearing his heart on his sleeve. It isn’t easy being a young adult, nonetheless being in the spotlight. The pressures of the music industry becomes too much sometimes. His heart is broken but he finds a way to rise up despite these feelings. It’s awe-inspiring.

The audio visual captures the song perfectly with him relaxing with the sun. It’s calming and ethereal.

Lauv shared in a press release, “I wrote 26 about growing up and trying to find your light, the one you lose touch with as you get older. It marks the moment I’m stepping back into the world and taking control of my narrative again.”

Mental health has always been center for Lauv as his first record ~How I’m Feeling~ touched on it heavily, and to see him continue opening up about it makes his listeners feel less alone and loved. Remember you are never alone in any circumstance. Take care of yourselves first and foremost and give yourself some self-care.

Honesty such as this represents Lauv’s long-awaited second album. He’s opened up in a way like never before, developing his signature sound even more. His primary focus was the storytelling while devising a compelling and mesmerizing body of work infused with moments of nostalgia, conflict, and, most of all, self-empowerment.

The most beautiful thing about Lauv is his ability to be authentically himself while creating music that anyone can relate to. He’s able to reach into a listener’s soul and pulls stuff to the surface. Can 2022 please be the year of Lauv? Stop sleeping on his music.  He outdoes himself with every single release.

“26” is just the warm up for what’s to come later this year and we cannot wait!