Dan Layus

Augustana — Remedy

Dan Layus has released a new song “Remedy” under his band’s moniker Augustana and manages to give us hope all at once. This follows his last single “Make Someone Happy” released in December 2020. “Remedy” feels a lot like a pandemic song with notes of days passing by and life changing around us with no real hope to things getting better. “Days fade into memories / Sudden loss of symmetry / Just focus on the remedy / When nothing’s like it used to be and hope feels like the enemy / Just focus on the remedy,” he sings. With a piano accompaniment, the song feels raw and full of emotion like most, if not all, of Augustana’s songs. The song was written and produced by the singer alongside Davis Naish.

Mostly known as the lead singer from Augustana, Layus has also been the main songwriter for the band since their start in 2002. Their top-selling single “Boston” was widely popular and used in TV shows like One Tree Hill, Scrubs, and The Big Bang Theory. The band officially broke up in 2016 when the social media accounts were rebranded to be only for Layus. After releasing a solo album Dangerous Things in 2016, the singer started releasing music under the band name Augustana again and touring with the band in 2019. While this new single is a solo song and Layus has shown he is a spectacular solo artist, it is rather exciting to be able to hear from both Augustana and Layus once again.

After multiple cancellations due to COVID-19, Layus is currently on a headline tour across the United States. With support from John Robert, the Augustana frontman is singing solo on stage with songs from both the band and himself. Usually armed with a guitar and a piano while playing solo, Layus is the perfect intimate gig for you to get back to concerts post-pandemic peak and to enjoy live music. Get your tickets here.

Layus released in 2021 Augustana: LIVE double album on vinyl that was recorded during a livestream event held in December 2020. The limited-edition pressing was Augustana’s first vinyl release in over 10 years. The live album is also available on all streaming platforms here.