Adrienne Houghton

Adrienne Houghton

Self-care is so important, yet so many people fail to remember this. Simple steps like applying a face mask to using creams to help reduce dark circles are just little ways in which looking after your skin daily can have positive benefits in the long run, as well as helping maintain good skincare habits.

Adrienne Houghton, business owner and host of The Real, recently teamed up with Olay Body, and EUPHORIA. spoke to her about the importance of skin care in her daily life, her journey as an entrepreneur, and sharing her insight into being a business owner herself.

“Little by little I became a lot more comfortable in my skin,” Houghton says proudly. “I’ve been spending time alone, even for my mental health. Like what are the things I need. It has been the biggest part of becoming fearless. We never really get a moment to just sit. My me time is skincare, even taking time to take a shower, tell everyone I’m not available for the next thirty minutes.”

So many of us love being around friends and family, but there are also times where we have to find time for ourselves. “It is so important for me to find time for myself,” she says. “It is the most important, first of all, I’m naturally an introvert. Naturally, I do like time alone, time to hear the sound of my own inner voice. For most of us, we just go with the flow, it’s so important to take time to be alone.”

Spilling her skincare secrets, Houghton explains the importance of skin care in her daily life. “Skin care became my self-care and became the time where I go to do something for me,” she says. “Not only would it feel good but be the most beneficial to me. That’s why I’m loving the Olay Body Lotion with collagen. For years I was drinking collagen, but I’m super excited that Olay Body put in facial skincare ingredients (collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C) for your body. I see that my skin is getting firmer and is softer especially now during these colder seasons. It’s just so important.”

Working with Olay Body has become a dream for Houghton. “I have been a fan for literally my entire life,” she shares. “What I love most is how they do groundbreaking things, like last year when they launched their B3 complex. I’ve been super excited to partner with them because it really is a body lotion collection I love, and I love that they are bringing it with body confidence. I can actually see the difference. They are also doing great things with entrepreneurs. It is so important that they are empowering other women. They actually teamed up with LISC-NYC giving back to WOC business owners in Washington Heights, and fearlessly pursue their dreams. I was on a panel recently and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Speaking of entrepreneurs, Houghton launched her jewelery brand XIXI back in 2019, which she has plans to grow to a full lifestyle brand; initially starting out as vegan handbag luxury lounge brand La Voute. “No one is going to care more than you,” Houghton mentions about starting a business. “Even if you join a team, you are still the boss.” As her life continues to be really busy, from co-hosting the daytime talk show The Real t0 launching fashion brands, it’s no wonder self-care is such an important part of her life.

For anyone who is yet to get into skin care or have a consistent routine, Houghton shared her tips on where to begin. “Honestly, I would begin with how you start your day and how you end your day,” she says. “To create a morning routine, I promise you this is life-changing. It will create a whole new life for you, starting with what you want. Morning shower and stripping my makeup off at the end of my workday and take a moment for myself before I go to bed. This sets the tone for the rest I’m about to get. What my dreams will be like and what my morning will look like.”

She also added that she writes in her journal, reads the Bible, and prays, as it is “important to set your day right.”

When it comes to skin care, one thing that Houghton wished that she had known sooner, which may be able to help others is how important collagen is. “It’s just the ingredient that makes my skin feel firm,” she says. “I’m going back and forth from New York cold weather to LA dry weather and need to be moisturized. That’s why I’m obsessed with the Olay Firming Body Lotion with Collagen.”

“And then, ultimately, I needed a product like this in my life,” she continues. “We’ve all heard about the incredible benefits of using collagen, and I’ve put it in my smoothies, but I never considered using it on my whole body.”

As it’s never too late to learn something new, especially when it comes to living your best life. Sometimes we wish we could go back in time to give our younger self some advice on life, as it won’t always be easy.  “So I would say focus on you and the goals and aspirations you have, and the love and all of that will come later,” Houghton says.

“I really, really do believe that I feel like I had some great opportunities that I missed out on, because, if I’m honest, I was in love and I was totally focused on that,” she shares candidly. “So I would tell myself to focus on you because, trust me, the boys are focusing on them. You should be doing the same.”