Rebecca Black and Slayyyter
Photo: Carianne Older @peggyshootsfilm

Rebecca Black — Read My Mind (ft. Slayyyter)

This has been a defining year for Rebecca Black. But, she’s not done JUST yet. After releasing her six-track project, Rebecca Black Was Here, and a remix of her breakthrough single, “Friday,” for its 10th anniversary, she is making sure to end the year by going out with a bang.

Her latest single, “Read My Mind,” featuring fellow viral star Slayyyter, didn’t go unnoticed upon its announcement. Aside from the two having a loyal online following, the song’s bold yet playful artwork made quite the statement on our timelines, making it hard for anyone to swipe past. Slayyyter has been one of my favorite artists over the past few years,” Black explained in her press release, adding, “And I loved every second of making this song with her!!! After perfecting this song over the course of a year, it’s magic, it’s fantastical and, everything I’d hoped for to kick off this new era. Stan! Glam rage is here!”

The music video for “Read My Mind” — shot by Weston Allen — features scenes of the duo working inside a gas station service and looking very glam on a motorbike together with blonde wigs and purposely enhanced breasts. As for the song, it’s a dreamy punk anthem with badass energy to it. However, what separates the track from other songs of a similar genre is the sense of vulnerability in the lyrics. Instead of acting like they don’t give a damn, Black and Slayyyter are open about their desire for someone while hoping they feel the same way.

Black sings during the first verse: “It’s like I love to waste my time / Know I’ve got better things to do / I can see our crooked line / But I just wanna be with you / Driving past the blurry lights / What do I have to lose? / Don’t wanna stop to read the signs / Don’t wanna know what they’re telling you.” Slayyyter continues that longing during the second: “Do you feel the same? / We could have it made / Feel it my veins / Baby, are you into me?”

Next year by no means is going to be a quiet one for Black. Along with new music, she will kick off her debut headline tour in North America in January, which will be followed by a European leg in May.