Lucky Daye

Day N Vegas: Lucky Daye

Over the span of the three-day weekend in November at the Day N Vegas FestivalEUPHORIA. not only caught a ton of acts on stage but had the opportunity to chat with several artists about performing at the festival, their upcoming music, and beyond. Here, we chat with Lucky Daye about the festival, how he stayed busy during COVID, upcoming music, and more.

What are you looking forward to performing here at Day N Vegas?

Well, “Over” is the first single from my next album, so I’m excited to perform it. 

Is this your first time performing it live? I know you were in Atlanta recently for the OneMusic Festival.

I did a little sneak peek earlier, but I gotta show love to Vegas.

Besides longing to perform live, did you form any cool hobbies during the pandemic?

I just kind of sharpened up on what I was good at like cooking.

OK, OK — so what have you been cooking lately?

Well, it depends on what kind of country you wanna go to that night. If you wanna go to Jamaica, rice and peas and jerk chicken and throw it together for you.

Besides your passion in the kitchen, what can fans expect from your musical passion and incoming album?

Sweet and wet, because that’s what I used all my time on during the pandemic to make. I didn’t even know it was gonna be sweet and wet, but I wanted to make something kind of futuristic and something deeper than the surface in my mind. And it came out to be something sweet and wet.