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Day N Vegas: Joyce Wrice

Over the span of the three-day weekend in November at the Day N Vegas FestivalEUPHORIA. not only caught a ton of acts on stage but had the opportunity to chat with several artists about performing at the festival, their upcoming music, and beyond. Here, we chat with Joyce Wrice about the festival, her recent shows, genre, and more.

Hi Joyce! How is your weekend going?

I had an amazing time performing yesterday. My parents came and saw me perform on a stage like this, which was my first time. The audience was amazing and sang all my lyrics. They were so energetic, so it’s just really nice to be back touring and performing. I’m just really honored to be a part of this festival, because so many amazing artists that I’m inspired by and that I’m friends with are here so it’s nice to be a part of everything.

You opened for Kaytranada’s New York shows recently, how was it?

Oh, my god. That was life changing, to be honest, because I’m still developing as an artist. Although I’ve done big stages and had big audiences, that was a whole ‘nother level for me, especially coming out of COVID. We’re still in a pandemic, but to be able to do that after everything that we’ve been through, and I have my debut album out and I’m just trying to make the most out of it. That opportunity was amazing, and I feel super fortunate. Everyone loved each performance, and it really was great training for me to continue developing my performance skills. I’m very into choreography, have live great ass vocals, so it’s just preparation for me to keep elevating.

Among supporting Kaytranada and collabing with others, what was it like to work with Freddie Gibbs?

Freddie is so much fun. I actually hit him up on a time constraint, because I had to deliver this song and finish the music video and I had some issues with a previous artist that was supposed to be on the record. Freddie and I had always wanted to work, so I just hit him up. I was like, “Hey, would you be down to do the song with me?” And he was just like, “Come to the studio, play it for me and I’ll vibe out.” The next day I went to the studio, and he did his verse in an hour, and it was just seamless.

Do you believe that your genre and style of music is elevating?

I feel like I’m trying to be more open. I think I’ve definitely locked in on what my sound is, but I definitely want to keep challenging myself and being as versatile as possible. Because I think that’s what makes artists really exciting. I’m still working with D’Mile, Mndsgn, and Devin Morrison and a bunch of artists that I’ve already had the pleasure of making amazing music with, but I’m definitely getting in the studio with other people that might be new for my audience. So yeah, I’m just being open and whatever feels right and whatever inspires me.


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