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Day N Vegas: Duckwrth

Over the span of the three-day weekend in November at the Day N Vegas FestivalEUPHORIA. not only caught a ton of acts on stage but had the opportunity to chat with several artists about performing at the festival, their upcoming music, and beyond. Here, we chat with Duckwrth about the festival, his musical evolution, performing live, and more.

So I found your music via an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape back in 2017, how do you feel like your music has evolved since then?

I’ve kind of gone around the world musically to come back to soul and even playing realms like R&B and pop. So I’m pretty much just tasting all the flavors and seeing which ones I like and ended up in this new space.

Besides categorizing your music as soul, I’d loop you in as one of the most groovy artists creating music right now.

I’m happy to be in that space, especially because it’s like a handful of groovy artists. So the fact I can be in that space is amazing.

I love seeing Black artists reclaim disco and similar groovy genres, but would you also describe your music as groovy?

One of the elements of it, yes. It’s electric. I would say we have moments that are just more up and vibrant. And then other moments that are very chill and introspective. But I would say yeah, groovy is a great word to describe myself.

What was your first performance back? Have you been performing any festivals?

It was for this weed company, and we had the full band. It was tight. This will probably be the fourth festival back.

Do you have a different mindset around how you plan your setlist for festivals vs. how you plan it for concerts?

Yes, definitely. I think for festivals you have to have a little bit more upbeat moments. You can be a little bit introspective and have deeper moments because it’s always more intimate. 

Besides hitting the dance floor, how do you want your fans to experience your albums? 

I would hope that they’re in some type of space where they can tap in and take in all of the colors and layers of music, but the best place is live. [My live performances are] the way you really experience it, because I’m a performer.


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