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The unstoppable K-pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (also known as TXT) has completely conquered everything in their path but to an even greater extent over the past year. After emerging in the fall of 2019, the group proved to be a secret weapon for the highly respected HYBE label — a flourishing company with an eye for impeccable talent. Comprised of five members, SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI, the unmatchable performance persona and eloquence of the group has completely transcended expectations, leading to some of the most prestigious accomplishments in modern music. 

Every activity the group partakes in becomes a trending topic on Twitter, and each comeback is fueled by millions of TikTok challenges, because their fanbase is eagerly anticipating every studious move they make. While K-pop idols often find that cherished relationship with fans, TOMORROW X TOGETHER broke the mold as artists because of their pop-punk radiance that feels like a wholly unique experience without a competitive approach toward other artists in the industry. 

tomorrow x together cover

Proving again and again that they’re the It group of the year, TXT not only launched their careers into unforeseen heights but effectively established an originality-based blueprint for future generations. “We feel very thankful, of course,” BEOMGYU says about the group’s aforementioned title. “2021 was a year of new challenges for us as well, as we entered a new chapter in our album series. There’s always excitement and a little bit of nerves involved when working on something new. But I’d like to say that we did manage to create something great together and I’m extremely glad that so many people enjoyed the output.” 

BEOMGYU continues, “I think that all of these are reflective of the anticipation and support that our listeners have regarding all the growth we’ve achieved this past year as well as any future growth we’ll continue to accomplish in the coming years. It’s certainly very motivational for us and we really can’t wait to come up with more music for people to enjoy.” YEONJUN adds to the It group discussion by noting, “I like to think of this as evidence that our music has been loved and empathized with by many people. I want our music to be an experience that people can relate to. I’m very proud of every single one of our members.”

With the ability to showcase their desire to create an empathetic world built on passion, music, and love, TXT is more than deserving of their stature as influential artists and role models. Their gentle demeanor and effervescent music immediately caught the eye of fans all over the world, without any reluctance to give in to their articulate work. Their further transformation into humble superstars has only served as yet another natural draw to their legion of passionate listeners, without signs of stopping.

“I think that in terms of storytelling, it’s less about consciously making efforts to stay grounded but more about being true to ourselves,” HUENINGKAI says. “What we try to reflect in our music are stories that are relevant to us now: They’re thoughts and emotions that people of our age have and experience as they live on every day in this very moment. We find ourselves influenced by people around us or just our own daily lives. We want our music to embody experiences that anyone ‘growing up’ may have easily experienced here and there. So I guess what makes us feel the most accomplished is when people tell us that they see themselves in our music.”

The group’s graceful presence earnestly places ideas about self-expression to the forefront of a media-influenced audience’s mind and is continued through their inclusive love for style. Fashion has often been an inherent addition to their own image — creating conversations about everything from crop tops to impossibly fashionable casualwear, with confidence-inspiring messages in every respect.

Regardless of the influence effect, TXT’s attention to musical and fashion convergence has added another layer to their already prominent creativity. “I think that there’s so much more to what we can share with MOA [the group’s fans],” YEONJUN says. “It’s the melody and lyrics, of course, but music can be an experience. Some aspects that magnify that experience might be choreography, or, as you say, fashion, as well as album covers, music videos, concept photos, and in the future, the offline concert experience as well.” He then elaborates, “There are many musical and visual aspects that collectively play into this together and behind this is not only the five of us but also the efforts of many people of our company. It’s definitely a cooperative output that I’m very grateful for.”

Additionally, the group has never displayed a desire to solely be a face or voice of the music either, making the added effort to get involved behind the scenes with producing, songwriting, instrumental additions, and more. With HYBE recognizing the potential for exponential growth with TXT, they’ve offered up great opportunities to really experiment in the process of making music — a level of creativity that’s rarely granted to artists on an even bigger, global scale. TAEHYUN tells us, “We all like to try new things in music, and we definitely want to continue to build up our capacities as artists in songwriting, production, lyric writing, and such. Year by year as we grow older, I do think that it’s inevitable that the world we see and feel will change, and hopefully, we can utilize our ongoing musical development to reflect that growth.” He then concludes, “And there’s always just the pure joy of trying new things and learning.”

tomorrow x together cover

All of these components have resulted in breathtaking results, as the group has fought their way into some of the biggest charts around the globe, repeatedly impacting Billboard and Gaon with The Chaos Chapter: Freeze as the most successful-selling album for several months out of the year. In fact, when we last spoke to the group in January, they celebrated a major milestone charting at No. 25 on the Billboard 200 chart with Minisode1: Blue Hour.

Now, in less than a year’s time, the five singer/songwriters have jumped 20 spots, landing The Chaos Chapter: Freeze at No. 5. Such a leap leads to even bolder possibilities, as SOOBIN reacts to the change, sharing, “We didn’t expect it. Rather, I’ve sometimes had doubts with the predicaments of the year, being unable to meet our fans or perform offline. But then, the news broke, and I guess it was a moment of realization for me that we really are continuing to grow and that people are relating to and enjoying our music.” He adds, “It’s a realization that made me very happy and proud of all our efforts. I’m very thankful to all our fans.” 

Considering that the group wants to connect people through music with aspirations for a kinder world, flourishing in 2021 while times were so trying made their story feel more authentic with how they carry themselves. Talking to fans through V Live, putting on concerts, and directly drawing musical inspiration from global separation has shown that TXT is all about taking action. Throughout that experience, they have succeeded in connecting with even more people regardless of age, gender, or location, which has taken their careers to all new levels with inconceivable opportunities for global domination. 

tomorrow x together cover

That influence has been received with open arms by MOA, but they’ve also experienced that growth from one another. HUENINGKAI specifically expresses that importance, explaining, “I think we serve as positive influences to one another in many ways. For example, I learned from the members how to think more positively on a day-to-day basis. We’ve been together for years now but they still manage to teach me things and help me grow, and for that, I’m very thankful.” BEOMGYU also conveys his comprehension of the group’s past year, adding, “I think our teamwork has definitely improved even more. Also, we express ourselves better when recording and performing, whether that being in the tone of our voice or our facial expressions. 2021 was also a year that allowed us to encounter various new sounds.”

With TXT actively taking interest in new opportunities, it acts as a perfect characterization of their current phase in life. Currently, all of the members are on the cusp of 20 or in their early 20s, initiating a new point where the future becomes a lot more palpable and exploratory. SOOBIN expresses his eagerness to live his most vibrant life in these next few years, explaining, “There’s still so much more that I want to learn. I want to experience as much as I can wherever I can and enjoy life to the fullest.” YEONJUN shares a similar sentiment as his bandmate, adding, “I want to tackle each goal of mine as they come and accomplish everything I wish to do in both my professional and personal life. I want to stay happy and enjoy it all!”

Similar to YEONJUN’s previous statement, the other members have bigger desires for their united artistry. BEOMGYU touches on the raw authenticity that people find so appealing and candidly reveals, “I guess I want to cut myself some slack, emotionally.” The singer continues, “I want to work hard and be happy and also enjoy our music with MOA.” TAEHYUN hopes his 20s involve expansion, as he states, “I want us to perform for the bigger world as a whole. And I want to be happy.” Finally, the group’s youngest has grand ideas of continuing to help listeners as much as possible, noting, “It’d be to make music that can heal people, and to become an artist that people cannot forget.”

tomorrow x together cover

Even though they still have much to discover in the future, they’re already at a point where the group is both capable and deserving of giving tips to up-and-coming artists or young creatives looking to follow their passions. In fact, the group can be said to have been vital in the evolution of deserving rookie-hype with an impact that made waves across the world — at a massive transitional time for the uncanny talent of K-pop in mainstream media. In essence, the group shares a sentiment that it’s important to enjoy the moment and remember what your intentions are. SOOBIN first offers, “I genuinely admire everyone and their efforts and capabilities. All together, we’re the merrier.” YEONJUN continues, “I hope they’ll enjoy what they’re doing and continue to put their hearts into it.”

The group’s empathy is best represented by BEOMGYU again, offering new talent sound advice. “There may come times when you feel tired or you may fall, but know that it’s not defeat.” He elaborates, “Take breaks as you need them and continue on running. Don’t be too hard on yourself.” HUENINGKAI then encourages the thick-skinned attitude of believing in yourself, sharing, “Be confident! Your efforts won’t betray you.”

tomorrow x together cover

Though TXT is capable of offering tips to the next generation, the group still has their entire careers ahead of them, earning even more uncommon opportunities because of their highly respected reputation. As the world begins to progress towards change and we see shifts in travel, live music, and some resemblance of hope, 2022 could contain a lot of ambition for the upcoming year of TXT, picking back up where they (and universally speaking, everyone) previously left off.

Offering us a tease at what’s to come, SOOBIN coyly divulges, “I hope 2022 will be filled with great and memorable experiences with our fans. We can’t wait to see them all in person.” He then concludes his thoughts offering more to come, telling us, “Musically, I hope we’ll be able to continue to hone our unique sound and color. We’re excited for 2022 and all the new music we’ll be working on. Thanks for all your constant love and support.” 

tomorrow x together cover