Ziggy Alberts
Photo: Janneke Storm / Press

Ziggy Alberts — I BELIEVE

There is nothing quite so special as hearing a song for the first time. “I BELIEVE” by Australian singer/songwriter Ziggy Alberts will warm your heart with the first listen via its acoustic guitar-led production and comforting lyrics. 

Released as a complementary track to Alberts’s ARIA Top 5 album searching for freedom, “I BELIEVE” has therapeutic tendencies resulting from Alberts’s struggles. This year, Alberts showcased constant maturity and the ability to translate complex themes into soothing sonic masterpieces. 

Beginning with the encouragement of Alberts’s soft vocals, he opens with the line “When the day’s long, keep your heart strong,” immediately placing himself in the role of a reliable guide. The song as a whole works a little like a pep talk, promising brighter times ahead and giving boundless encouragement to get through the dark. Alberts has pitched himself as this kind of caregiving figure in the past, but never before has he seemed so dependable, grounded, steadfast, and authentic.

With fan favorites “letting go,” “chocolate,” and “search for freedom,” Alberts maintains a level of vulnerability and encouraging words on “I BELIEVE.” There are good days and darker days, but the important thing is to move forward and try. As Alberts sings, “When you fall down, get up.” It’s the perfect time to release a song of this healing nature, after the global upheaval that we have all faced over the past year or two. It’s a song that works on both a micro and macro level, with Alberts providing reassurance to see him through his own personal struggles, but also spread his calming presence through us all, at the end of a long year.

Get into a zen state of mind, understanding there will always be ups and downs with “I BELIEVE.” Listen to the new track below.