Poppy Baskcomb

Poppy Baskcomb — Teardrop

“Just tryna write a No, 1 hit,” headlines Poppy Baskcomb’s Instagram bio. While I may not be clairvoyant, it certainly doesn’t take a psychic to know she’s manifesting an inevitable future of musical success. Baskcomb is rare, the type of musical gem that has listeners forever eager. Her aura is absolutely enigmatic (as is her music); she’s the epitome of what it means to have “star quality” in its purest form.

Where bright and bold instrumentals from your favorite Ariana Grande track converge with the futuristic nostalgia of Dua Lipa’s iconic works, Baskcomb’s latest track “Teardrop” enters with gusto. Even so, the singer is anything but a traditional pop star churning out hits; she disrupts the industry as we know it with a surprisingly deeper, soulful voice that emanates power and intensity. With only 4,700 Instagram followers, the star-to-be has already faceted herself amidst pop music’s royalty, paving herself a fast-track path to the top of the charts.

Channeling disco meets EDM, “Teardrop” is the love child of an old soul (that definitely had a thing for the ’80s) and a new school “cool girl” unleashing her independence with a vibrant spunk in her step. It’s sheer pop perfection, a pulsating track that maintains a tight grip onto your speakers via a hip-swaying beat and an infectious pre chorus. Like a bad habit, we’re hooked on “Teardrop,” and it leaves us begging for more.

Effortlessly whipping out belts and soft tones that pour out like honey, Baskcomb is equipped with arguably one of the most versatile voices in music — and “Teardrop” manages to lay it all out on the table. Both her voice and the beat offer a consistent string of rises and falls that foster an enchanting musical experience. Production value? Stellar. Dance-worthy? Undeniably. Fun? Duh. In a pool of musical newcomers, any fan would immediately gravitate to Baskcomb after experiencing “Teardrop.” Want to know what being cool sounds like? Press play.

Put simply, now is a unique opportunity to embark on an early journey with music’s future pop princess. While Baskcomb has only just started her story, she’s sure to have a wild ride to the top — a ride full of guaranteed hits, awards, and monumental moments that’ll make any fan proud, that is.

Hop on the Baskcomb bandwagon early by streaming “Teardrop” now on all platforms.