Heidrunna — Borderline, NZCA Lines Remix

Make way for Iceland’s glossiest new pop commander Heidrunna as she unveils the vibrant “Borderline” remixed by Metronomy’s NZCA LINES.

Heidrunna’s eccentric vocals infuse themselves around effervescent soundscapes which only compliment her knack for creating silky smooth pop magic; it’s something we’ve witnessed through previous singles “You Make Me Feel” and “Borderline,” and this newly crafted remix is no exception.

NZCA LINES — the producer whose real name is Michael Lovett — has a certain midas touch that only enhances existing creations, and his gleaming take on “Borderline” has not only elevated an already ’80s-inspired pop number but has broken down the barrier for Heidrunna to excel in a new field of music.

It’s worth noting Heidrunna’s turbulent lyrics buried deep within the single’s infectious synths and how effortlessly they match the whirlwind theme of her debut album out in early 2022, appropriately titled Melodramatic.

The “Borderline” remix premiered with Wonderland earlier this month, which Heidrunna graciously shared on Twitter at the time. She wrote on Instagram on Nov. 11, “It’s out! Now you can listen on Spotify! Don’t forget to put it on repeat all day long. I hope you like it as much as I do. Even though the song is a bit sad , this is an upbeat version and it does make you feel good.”

“Borderline” was originally released on Oct. 20 before getting the remix treatment in November. Heidrunna shared the happy news on Instagram, writing, “Borderline out! Don’t forget to stream!” She also dropped the news that the remix was coming, giving “Borderline” a whole new life.

When a pop blend tastes as delicious as this “Borderline” remix, it’s worth shouting about. All eyes are firmly on Heidrunna’s next move, and we truly cannot wait to hear and see what it is. Check out the “Borderline” remix below and keep it on repeat.