Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker

Avril Lavigne — Bite Me

After months of teasing that new music was on the way, pop-punk icon Avril Lavigne is finally back with her new single “Bite Me.” 

“Bite Me” marks the first single off Lavigne’s long-awaited seventh studio album due early next year. It’s also her first release under DTA Records — a label founded by Travis Barker, who also features on the drums on the new track. Together, the two join forces, creating a punchy and high-energy sound that transports listeners right back to the early 2000s. When discussing the meaning behind “Bite Me,” Lavigne explained in a statement that it’s “an anthem about knowing your worth, what you deserve and not giving someone a second chance who doesn’t deserve you.” 

Listeners definitely feel this as Lavigne’s emotions are laid across the song’s lyrics. Right as the song begins, she fearlessly declares behind the shreds of an electric guitar, “Hey you / You should’ve known better, better to fuck with someone like me.” “Hey you / forever and ever you’re gonna wish I was your wifey,” she continues. The song keeps its high energy until its end, as Lavigne lists off all the ways this person should’ve treated her better. She makes it known that she isn’t one to be messed with and that standing up for herself is worth more than any relationship.

As if “Bite Me” couldn’t get any better, its music video also screams confidence. In the video, Lavigne and Barker dressed in matching black leather jackets, alongside an intimidating crew, pay a visit to her ex and show him who’s boss. With odes to her past music videos like “Girlfriend” sprinkled across the video as well, it’s nostalgic, but it’s also just downright cool to watch. Longtime fans will definitely love this song and new fans alike will too. Although we have to wait a little bit longer for Lavigne’s new album, “Bite Me” deserves to be on heavy rotation in the meantime. In the words of Lavigne, “This is just a taste of what’s to come.”