Misty Mtn

Misty Mtn — Weren’t Those the Days


Misty Mtn’s newest EP Weren’t Those the Days feels like summer breeze in the winter and running icy springs hidden in rays of summer sun.

The four-track project runs cohesively along the themes of changing seasons and departing melancholy. While there is no apparent rhythmic jumps or drops, the duo, Mo Trunzo and Lucas Segall, carefully weaves in a wide range of emotions. The leading track, “In the Deep End,” opens with Trunzo’s soft and dreamy balladic voice. It almost feels like the setup for a grand launch, a rhythmically and melodically switch to an emotional chorus — but it never came. While serving as an introduction to the EP, “In the Deep End” is its own body of work. A train of thoughts of disappointment mixed with acceptance, this track perfectly summarizes the emotional essence of the project.

“Subway stop, coffee shop / Everything reminds me of you / City bike, ferry ride / I’m filling up my days with new, new,” the title track, “Weren’t Those the Days,” takes listeners on a vivid trip down the memory lane. Accompanied by a steady beat, Trunzo name-drops the mundanities of daily life while asking rhetorical questions. The tempo isn’t slow but feels calm and melancholic regardless. “Beachwood” features a similar vibrant tempo. Trunzo’s vocal is embraced by the colorful melody, produced by Segall. Despite the track illustrating a departure from the woods, it further drives home the message of longing and reminiscing.

“I wrote it all down / So I don’t forget / I build myself up / To see you again / Roll my windows down / As you walk away / There’s so much to say / But I just drove away…” Though Trunzo delivers these lyrics with such effortless ease, they are heart-wrenchingly honest. Though love may be a losing game, in her voice and words, there remains growth and forgiveness.

The ending comes as easy as the beginning. Recalling the main themes, “The Seasons” perfectly sums up the EP. While the lyrics emphasize the importance and inevitability of change, the track is steady and nonchalant. Despite spending four tracks contemplating about moving on and forgetting, the closing line says it all: “I won’t change my mind.”

Unlike most EPs, Weren’t Those the Days is not one that tries to prove or rush. It is instead a full body of work on its own. A story of getting over the past, Trunzo and Segall understand the duality of loss. More often than not, moving on is about healing but not forcing to forget. In melodies that feel like cool air and the scent of woods, Misty Mtn delivers a sentimental experience with their new release.