Sarah Reeves

Sarah Reeves — More the Merrier

The key to a successful Christmas evening is a bit of family drama, traditional food, and festive music. The More the Merrier Christmas Special, performed by the American songstress Sarah Reeves, ticks all the boxes. 

Over the past decade, Reeves has carved out a beautifully unique career, signing a contract at just 18 and honing her writing talents with collaborations with other artists, with her creations ending up on American Idol and UFC and on television series across major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and Netflix. A proficient pop singer-songwriter, Reeves is able to adapt to every genre, as she blows everyone’s mind on tracks alongside high-profile DJs such as Laidback Luke, GATTÜSO, and Justice Skolnik. But she shines brighter than ever with More the Merrier.

The event’s host, Michael James Thomas, guides you through the performance, giving it a very cozy vibe. Reeves performed three original renditions: “More the Merrier,” “Go Tell It on the Mountain,” and the stripped-back “Sentimental.” As a closer, she covers the Christmas classic “Winter Wonderland” alongside American Idol‘s Clark Beckham. 

As the host suggests, this collection of songs will put you in a warm, happy place filled with love, laughter, and delicious food. As each song has a different background and new outfit, Reeves makes sure there is always a new element. “More the Merrier” finds Reeves in red and overall serves elegance. “Go Tell It on the Mountain” lightens the mood with a white and gold background, backing vocalists, and a new long sleeve black glitter dress. It also has Reeves showing off her perfect pitch, dancing around. 

Moving onto “Sentimental,” where you can find yourself feeling nostalgic and thinking of the ones you love. Reeves speaks for us all: “Walking outside in December finds me feeling this way / I just get sentimental.” The extra element is a gorgeous violin solo that creates a sophisticated atmosphere. 

Closing with a cover of “Winder Wonderland,” Reeves and Beckham showcase a perfect harmony between two artists sitting on a bench next to each other. If you have a chance, sit back and witness the magic of Sarah Reeves.