Sa'ra Charismata

Sa’ra Charismata — Life Is Not About Control

The new music video for Sa’ra Charismata’s “Life Is Not About Control” is like a soothing cup of tea with a side of dancing guardian angels and valuable advice from someone who overcame her struggle with anxiety and mental health difficulties. 

Hailing from a peaceful field, Charismata is picked up by two angels, demonstrating her victory after her battle with depression. “Life Is Not About Control” is not only a testament to great Swedish pop and dance music; it mainly condones the act of letting go and living in the moment. Charismata has it all figured out, wearing a white matching set in the middle of a field emitting soft color schemes creating a sense of security throughout the music video. 

As soon as the guardian angels step in, Charismata gets into a fierce walk that demonstrates her taking a leap of faith and empowering others to do the same. Ultimately, the “Life Is Not About Control” music video and the track serve as a reminder for people going through a tough time; it does get better, and being in control is not always the best recipe. 

Charismata, with her two dancers, change into yellow and pink bright neon from white outfits, all letting loose while dancing in the sand, giving off Beyonce “Deja Vu” vibes. Stunning shots like this elevate the track’s intention to another level, aiming to lift everyone’s spirit. Besides a message that needs to be heard, Charismata delivers an outstanding vocal performance. In the end, in a true “Life Is Not About Control” fashion, Charismata releases all the accumulated negative energy, singing her heart out. 

“Life Is Not About Control” is a full package, portraying Charismata as a trustworthy mentor for anyone needing a helping hand. While tackling taboo subjects like mental health, she mixes catchy pop hooks, punk, and hip-hop as a protest pop ambassador.