Rightfield — When the Party’s Over

Attention all Billie Eilish fans! You need to check out this hauntingly beautiful acoustic/rock cover of “When the Party’s Over” by Texas natives Jack Blocker and Reed Hoelscher, also known as Rightfield. Described it as an “intimate banger,” the song will have you completely enraptured as you listen to it. They recorded it in a way that was unique to their sound but still leaning into Eilish’s original version. 

The duo grew up together from going to the same school and playing on the same sports teams. For a while, they lost touch but reconnected when they met at the University of Arkansas. At first, they began jamming out together for fun before they decided to take their musical aspirations to the next level, and thus Rightfield was born. 

“A few years ago we recorded a cover of ‘When the Party’s Over’ in our college house and people really seemed to love it on YouTube, Instagram, etc.,” they say. “We really like covering tracks by female artists because in some ways we’re forced to be creative with our presentation of the song. We’re huge fans of the production and composition of the original track, and we’re really excited to share our version of it. We approached it through the lens of some ‘90s country and Americana influences that both of us really love while still keeping some of the pop glimmer that we’ve leaned into in the past.” 

It’s their first time releasing a cover on a streaming platform, so they’re excited about everyone’s reactions. The track begins with a soft, acoustic melody and soul-stirring vocals and then builds up with a smashing guitar solo at the end from Reed. “The end of the track was an ode to the emo and post-hardcore bands of the 2000s like Senses Fail and Saosin,” he says. “It was a really interesting adventure to find the common ground of Billie’s emo-pop with those bands’ heavier sounds.”

“When the Party’s Over” follows their most recent original single “Baby” as well as their debut album, Rightfield, One. It has been described as a culmination of their successes and failures in their growth as a musical duo. With the goal to make timeless music, they’ve gotten off to a great start. They’ve amassed over 11 million streams across all platforms and their single “Gone” charted on Alt Radio as well.