Malachiii — Free My Soul

Malachiii experiences euphoria on new single “Free My Soul”

Emerging artist Malachiii blends melodic bars and rhythmic harmonies on latest release, “Free My Soul.” The accompanying music video depicts a psychedelic retreat equipped with vibrant colors and kaleidoscopic visuals of the rapper. The track is an upbeat listen with a mellow undertone, morphing multiple genres into one sound.

“Free My Soul” has a mild trap beat with a pop vibe. Bass and claps hover over the instrumental. The bass drops and chorus slows down for a slower rhythm. Malachiii vocalizes, “I’m goin’ outta control, I just been freein’ my soul / Lately I been in my zone, feel like I’m on top of the globe.” He creates a dance-inducing positivity that is catchy and relatable.

The music video focuses on the artist in a remote location surrounded by nature and sunshine. The use of bright colors, florals, and golden imagery gives the song an uplifting backdrop of escapism. Toggling between colorful light effects and a fisheye lens view of Malachiii’s unique style, the video showcases his personality and unique look. The visual has a hippie vibe with a contemporary twist.

The multifaceted rapper, singer, and producer creates uplifting and inspiring tracks with the ultimate goal of resonating with his listeners. Malachiii describes his creative process in a statement, “There’s very few people who have a transcendent impact on music, humanity, and culture as a whole. That’s the type of artist I want to be.” The single is a different take on modern hip-hop, placing happiness and love at the forefront.