Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella — Fancy

Canadian singer-songwriter Lennon Stella is back with a new song! The singer-songwriter has just released a new single “Fancy” and it’s a whole vibe.

Stella’s vocals are front and center throughout the atmospheric pop production. It showcases her signature indie-pop sound that fans and listeners have grown to adore. Both the vocals and accompanying visuals make listeners feel happy yet calm. It’s also the perfect track to let loose to in a club.

“Oh, I hear sex and candy / oh, I could keep on dancing / oh, let’s go somewhere fancy/ where we could keep on dancing.”  With these lyrics in mind, it makes you want to cozy up to someone special.

In a press release, she said, “I’m so amped to have ‘Fancy’ out and floating around, both the video and the song. I wrote it earlier this year with Malay and Simon Wilcox, two of my very favorite people. I was smiling ear to ear singing ‘I’m feeling that high vibration’ in the vocal booth so I hope everyone feels the high vibrations and loves the song like we do.”

The accompanying music video directed by Amber Park (Katy Perry) serves as a visual extension of the track that characterizes a dreamy, rhythmic element and reinvents the boundaries of reality. Beyond that aspect, it’s paired with spiritual imagery that mirrors the nature of the track, which truly complement her heavenly vocals.

On the music video, the singer/songwriter said in a press release, “The video gave the song a whole other level of life and was such a sick experience getting to make with the loveliest Amber Park.”

Time and time again, Stella manages to create music that hits right in the heart. She’s forever a breath of fresh air. If “Fancy” is any indication, the new era is going to be quite a special one.