Hoody — D-day (ft. GIRIBOY)

One thing about Hoody — she always delivers. The South Korean R&B singer’s discography is filled with gorgeous and healing songs, and her new single “D-day” is perfect to listen to when in need of a refreshing mood boost.

“D-day,” featuring rapper GIRIBOY, is the lead single off of Hoody’s newly released EP of the same name, D-day. Throughout the EP, Hoody touches on a lot of emotions, but “D-day” focuses on the nervous excitement and happy feelings that arise at the start of a new relationship. “손에 쥐던 잔은 놓아 / 대신 내 손을 잡아 / 우리의 첫날 첫 느낌 처음으로 만들어” she sings warmly at the song’s chorus: “Grab my hand rather than the glass you were holding on / Let’s make this like it’s our first day, first feeling, first time.” Backed by a bouncy melody, Hoody’s voice flows across the song mirroring the breezy and romantic energy of the song’s lyrics. It’s truly a song you can put on at any time of day to lift your spirits and a lovely addition to her already lovely repertoire of songs. 

In the music video for “D-day,” pastel and bright colors take reign, giving a beautiful backdrop to the video’s set. Set mainly in a sunny art studio and its outdoor surroundings, Hoody literally glimmers under the light as she sings about the simple joys of being with her partner. The two nervously moving closer to each other, holding hands, walking and spending time together. These various images representing a fresh relationship make the video even more fun to watch.

Hoody is such a unique artist, and everything she creates has her signature touch on it. “D-day” is no exception, and hopefully listeners can find solace in the song and her EP’s other three tracks. Hoody’s new EP D-day, featuring lead single “D-day” is out now, which you can stream below.