HONNE — BACK ON TOP (ft. Griff)

If you’re looking for a playful mood booster, look no further than HONNE’s newest release “BACK ON TOP,” featuring Griff. The duo put a little something special in this release — after one listen you’ll find yourself humming along to the joyous trumpet section. “BACK ON TOP” comes as the most recent single from the group’s upcoming album, LET’S JUST SAY THE WORLD ENDED A WEEK FROM NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? out Oct. 22. 

The track opens with a snippet of the chorus, joined by a harmonized synth and backing vocal, adding some dramatic effect. As the first verse opens, the vocals are only accompanied by a beat and mellow synth, leaving space for the chorus to hit as hard as possible. The verses are jovial and playful, with tinkering synths to keep the temperament lively. When the chorus drops, the synths we got a sneak peek of at the opening of the track are somehow even catchier. This time accompanied by a trumpet section, the whole song feels anthemic. The chorus is an epic exclamation point throughout the entire song. Griff’s sweet vocals only add to the overall effect of the song, as she showcases her range even with just a few lines of the song. 

Lyrically, “BACK ON TOP” is catchy but simple. It’s uplifting and optimistic, depicting the type of love that exists in Hollywood’s romantic comedies. The build to the chorus croons, “’Cause I hear music when you’re next to me / there’s a sweetness in the air I breathe / and you put me at ease every time you’re touchin’ me / It’s your love that always puts me back on top.” While it might be idealistic, it’s romantic and optimistic — the kind of feeling you have with a first love. 

HONNE builds anticipation for their next album even more with “BACK ON TOP.” In typical HONNE fashion, the track is groovy and fun — worthy of a listen because after the first one, you’ll have it on repeat. Griff and HONNE are a dream pair in the duet, as her vocals mesh sweetly with theirs. With LET’S JUST SAY THE WORLD ENDED A WEEK FROM NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? coming on Oct. 22, expectations are high for what the album has in store.