Photo: Kristen Jan Wong / Press

Fletcher — Girls Girls Girls

Arguably, familiarity is one of the things that drive the virality of a song. When people feel comforted by the fact that a track has elements that remind them of other tracks, they’re more likely to keep going back to it and listen continuously. This has definitely been used throughout history to drive sales, and lately, musicians are actively and bluntly sampling great hits to capture the ears of streamers and casual fans who live in platforms like TikTok. This time, however, queer pop hitmaker Fletcher joins forces with longterm collaborator Australian producer Kito to not only sample one of the most iconic pop songs of the 2000s but to somewhat give it the meaning and intention queer fans were always hoping for it to have.

“Girls Girls Girls” is the perfect continuation of Fletcher’s songwriting brand. The artist has been notorious for her fearlessness to speaking about queer love and lesbian relationships, opening up to fans about her exes and her feelings about women. In the new single, which she teased for ages on social media, she takes those same ideas and puts them against “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry to make an incredibly important spinoff of an iconic pop song (produced by no other than pop genius Max Martin).

Fletcher recalled in a press release: “I remember my mom was dropping me off at school one day in 2008 and ‘I Kissed a Girl’ came on the radio, and my mom kind of gasped at the lyrics…”

“I had this moment in my head where I was like, ‘Fuck, I think I might like girls.’ In a lot of ways that song really marked the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-exploration and coming into my queerness and learning how to express my truth in a bold and unapologetic way. ‘girls girls girls’ is the freedom and the celebration I’ve been craving my whole life, and a way for me to share my own perspective and journey while honoring a song that empowered me to embark on it in the first place.”

To accompany the song, the New Jersey native also shared a set of visuals full of gorgeous women, which perfectly complement the vibe of the song. In addition to this, the artist took to social media and asked fans to share their experiences kissing girls for the first time, which has given the song an extra push as well as allowing for the community to bond by sharing stories of all kinds.

In true Fletcher fashion, she’s already teased fans with another single to come soon, which we definitely cannot wait to hear. Her lockdown EP The S(ex) Tapes certainly left all of us with a taste of her great queer pop and we can only hope what’s to come is just as good or better!