KoH T Spring/Summer 2022

Called “Mindful Comfy Trip,” KoH T designer Taisuke Kohji’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection lives up to its name. With one glance, an onlooker is struck by the softness of the pieces. While the fabrics are a blend of pastel and neutral colors, the effect on the eye is one of supreme comfort and cleanliness. Even the models appear serene and relaxed.

KoH T is a Tokyo-based brand with eco-friendliness at its core. They are passionate about ensuring their clothes are sustainable; this collection utilizes natural dyeing methods and was hand-dyed by Japanese craftsmen in Yonezawa. They craft luxurious and sensible clothing for those wanting to wear their personalities. About this collection: “[We aim to] fuse calm and elegant form with traditional techniques to pursue aesthetic appearance and inner depth.” Clean lines, impactful silhouettes, and non-intimidating clothes are in the DNA of KoH T’s gentle workwear attire. KoH T also states that they strive to attain “unexpected humor” in their work.

This unexpected humor certainly shows in their latest collection, which aside from comfort and relaxation, features straw bucket hats and snap-pouch necklaces. Some of the pieces also contain small splotches of black paint, which draw a sense of workwear or a piece that has been thoroughly worn, but these pieces are designed to last and intend to stay in your wardrobe for years.

One of the most striking pieces is likely the matching trench and trousers, dyed with burnt orange on a suede-esque fabric. This piece looks the way a calm aura feels. The most notable feature of this set is a curious bleached line that runs from the left shoulder of the coat down the side of the left leg of the pants. Right at the front of each pants leg is a brown button like the fasteners that line the middle of the chest; this creates a sense of unison in an otherwise chaotic piece. The clothing appears oversized on the model; more so underlining the concept of comfort.

The pieces were said to have been inspired by pottery Kohji came across in his recent vacations, and this idea of pastel pottery pervades every garment, from the sagging loungewear to the billowing pants and v-neck shirts. One can almost see stains of a potter wiping their hands on their clothes in every garment.