Tolliver — Call Me a Freak

Tolliver is a freak and we want to be one with him. His latest single “Call Me a Freak” is a groovy song that will make you want to ride a horse or run around in the desert with only your underwear on. This is exactly what Tolliver does in the music video for this song. He is seen dancing around his cowboy boots and hanging with his friends: animals.

“Call Me a Freak” is a hilarious song with a great vibe. He sings, “There’s a bird in the bush / And a drunk man in my room / That’s not me / Call me a freak” and “So call your bestie / And probably a lawyer / Ain’t really much I can’t even do for you.” Tolliver takes us through a surreal nonsensical day dream and we want to stay there. We got to talk to the singer-songwriter about inspiring people, writing “Call Me a Freak,” and creating the music video.

What inspired you to write “Call me a freak” What was the process like?

This song is a reminder to me that the strangest things about me are the best things about me, that the only crime in art is being dull, and that crime does pay!

How did the music video come about? What was shooting like?

I’m real good with animals because I’m simple like them, and I think we make each other happy. I wanted to make some new friends! It’s also an homage to my pappy, who loved cowboys and country music. You ever heard Garth Brooks in the ghetto?

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I’m a performance artist trapped in an alternative R&B/soul singer’s body. I really am a showy, campy person, but I try to keep my music more straightforward, sonically. So less “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but still with tons of personality.

What kind of experiences inspired you to write the lyrics of your songs?

A lot of my songs are hedonistic or horny or about regretting it all the morning after. They’re pretty autobiographical, recounting things that just happened to me.

If you had to choose a song from any other artist to be the soundtrack of your life, what would it be and why?

“Godspeed” by Frank Ocean, because I am unlucky in love! Woooooo!

What do you like to inspire in the people who listen to you and watch your videos?

I want them to hear that I’m honest and fully myself, which hopefully gives them permission to be the same way. Just like, do you. Do your best, do you, have fun, fail, succeed, take the bus, call your mother, drink water, do pushups. Do it all!