Photo: Ahida Agirre / Press

Sigrid — Burning Bridges

Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid has released her newest single “Burning Bridges.” The track is an explosive pop anthem with a roaring chorus and percussions that deliver an exquisite energy. Sigrid revealed on Instagram that the song is all about expressing that feeling when you know you have to let someone go; which is exemplified in the song’s content. While this isn’t the only definition the song could take (she said to interpret it how you please), what doesn’t change is how impactful a song like this is for a rising pop star.

Following the success of her debut album Sucker Punch, finding the groove for a sophomore effort can be difficult. For Sigrid, however, this seems to not be a challenge. Maintaining the signature touches that made her debut successful, “Burning Bridges” takes them and makes them explosive. Centralized on percussive beats that build as the song moves along, Sigrid takes her unique vocals and still makes them the forefront. Accompanied by synths, guitar riffs, and subtle basslines, “Burning Bridges” sucks you in from the moment the song starts. It’s a moment where Sigrid reminds listeners of how much of a vocal powerhouse she can be even with a pop backing. If there’s a song to make someone have a sense of certainty of themselves that they desperately need, she has the answer.

Her previous release, “Mirror,” could join “Burning Bridges” as tracks on the singer-songwriter’s upcoming album. There are allegedly multiple versions of the untitled album according to the pre-order website; however, no matter what version you listen to you will be sure to get a bang for your buck. The 25-year-old Norwegian artist is still in the beginning of her musical career and with how successful her artistry has become, it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a worldwide pop name. Get into her before the rest of the world catches up (and even after).