Anna Shoemaker
Photo: Josefine Cardoni / Press

Premiere: Anna Shoemaker — Sick!

I’m obsessed with Anna Shoemaker because she makes me feel better about my self-deprecating tendencies. Her latest single “Sick!” is out tomorrow and it will have you dancing and crying and laughing and thinking. She sings, “I could get my shit together / but I just don’t want to / Is it sick I like missing you?” Is it? Her ability to bring us into her feelings and have us wondering with her is what makes her music so interesting. The energetic synths paired with Shoemaker’s bright angsty voice come together to give us the ultimate sad girl anthem. “Make better music when I’m sad.” A sentiment we all know too well.

There is a visualizer out for the tune and it is Shoemaker in her home alone in Brooklyn singing to us. Shoemaker is one to watch. She’s the kind of musician who packs an intimate venue, sings unreleased songs, and somehow has everyone singing along and screaming every lyric. Her music makes us want to be friends with her because she gets us and it’s OK. We got to talk to the Philadelphia-born, NY-based singer songwriter about performing live again, being an introvert, and working on her new single “Sick!” Read it all ahead, and check out our exclusive premiere of the new song.

Anna! What’s up? What does a typical day look like for you in NYC?

Hi!! Every day is different for me, but today I woke up, drank a lot of coffee, called my mom, went to the studio, and I’ll be heading to a friend’s show later tonight.

I recently saw you perform at the Jane Hotel. What has it been like performing live again? What did you miss the most about it?

It feels so good to perform live again. I missed being able to connect with people. For me, performing was always a big reason why I wanted to make music. SPEAKING OF SHOWS…I’m playing at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn on Sept. 30!

What sparked the idea for “Sick!”? What was the process like? How was it working with the shredding king Middle Part?

I wrote and produced “Sick!” by myself in my bedroom during the pandemic. I never really envision anything I produce going anywhere, so I think that gives me the freedom to be super honest in my writing. My friend Khaya really turned it into a full song from the demo I made — she’s amazing! And then, of course, Middle Part added some major shred. I love working with him because we’re super close friends but also I’m just such a fan of his music.

What first got you into music and how have you evolved since then?

I don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t making music or performing — I’d say that over the years I’ve gotten better at saying no and honing in on my sound. As an artist it’s important if you’re going to work with other people to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you.

I’m actually really introverted!

What are you looking forward to?

Putting out the rest of my music! There is so much to come!

Pre-save “Sick!” right here.