Photo: Amy Peskett / Press

Mrley — So Much to Say

Mrley is London’s newest, noisiest punk rocker. He shot out of the blocks just a few months ago with his debut release “My Side of London,” which was swiftly followed by a stellar hometown show at London’s Laylow supporting Wu-Lu. Now, hot on the heels of his debut is his sophomore track “So Much to Say,” a title that suits Mrley’s artistic persona to a tee.

Marley Rutherford grew up in a mainly Black school during his youth. Heavier music like punk or metal was called “music for white people” around his peer group and he subsequently felt the need to shy away from it. However, as Mrley, he does the exact opposite. He aims to inspire other Black kids who may not see themselves represented in heavier music genres by becoming a role model for them. “My Side of London” is testament to this vision and it is explored further in “So Much to Say.”

Where his debut set off with grungy guitar licks, “So Much to Say” instead channels essences of slowthai’s “Doorman” in its tighter production style whilst also being lyrically infused with elements of his wild and provocative rap style: “Keep on lying to yourself till the truth shouts / Heard that you got something to say / Well who are you now?” Synths and guitars steal the show at the two-minute mark as a Brian May-esque guitar solo wreaks havoc before Mrley’s domineering vocals once again control the limelight.

The track’s accompanying music video is based on a Channel 4 ’90s program, The Word. This iconic British show is ultimate nostalgia for Mrley as guests like Nirvana, Blur, Oasis, and Rage Against the Machine were booked to perform live. But most of all, it captured the progress in pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable to be shown on British TV – much like what Mrley aims to do through his music.

Mrley’s newest release proves he has a lot to say as an artist. Energy, authenticity and a solid core vision are combining fruitfully right now for this intoxicating young artist. Be sure to keep an eye out.