Holly Humberstone

Holly Humberstone — Scarlett

Up-and-coming indie music star Holly Humberstone seems to be on a roll, and now she has added her newly released track “Scarlett” to her catalog. Humberstone confessed on social media through an endearing post that the song was inspired by a dear friend (who is the song’s namesake) and the heartbreak they endured at one point. Although the song may not stem from Humberstone’s personal relationship turmoil, there’s no mistaking that she’ll make you feel heartbroken. It’s not a slower, sadder track like her previous single “The Walls Are Way Too Thin,” but rather it’s a mid-tempo indie pop delight that might just be what someone going through relationship troubles needs.

Starting off with a more stripped-back instrumental, the song kicks it up more and more as it enters the pre-chorus. Soon enough, the drums, synths, and delicious harmonies are all encompassing and you almost forget you’re listening to a song about heartbreak. If there was a song that would make you feel like the main character in the middle of the worst breakup, “Scarlett” would be it. As comprehensive and rich it is sonically, it’s just as such in its lyrical content. Rich with clever lines (especially in its second verse) and a catchy chorus, the song is a reminder of how great Humberstone is at articulating a moment. For someone who has achieved so much in a brief amount of time, becoming better and better can be a hard thing to do. For Humberstone, it appears that being herself creatively makes this task easy; nevertheless, masterfully created.

If you’re on the lookout for a song to add to a scream-crying-sing-a-long type playlist or a good indie tune to add to your rotation, “Scarlett” is worth your time and your ears. And while you’re at it, keep an eye out for her upcoming EP The Walls Are Way Too Thin, coming out Nov. 5.