Photo: Luke Fenstemaker / Press

FINNEAS — The 90s

Critically acclaimed producer, singer, and songwriter FINNEAS has released a dazzling new single: “The 90s.” Fans of his will already expect his signature production that is experimental yet crisp, and newcomers will find delight in FINNEAS’s vocal talent, songwriting skills, and relatability (and maybe the beat drop if you’re into that kinda thing).

Being a well-known name in the industry is something that can cause a hoard of unexpected circumstances and problems; something FINNEAS appears to know well. The song begins with 808s backing FINNEAS as he sings about wishing he could go back to the ’90s to escape the reality he currently faces thanks to the internet and the culture that stems from it. Yes, he was born in 1997, but that doesn’t stop him from thinking about how much life might be better for him if he got to experience one of the most impactful decades.

The personal anecdotes don’t stop in the first verse; however, they continue throughout the song as he becomes more personal bit my bit about the weight on his shoulders that he feels. Toward the latter half of the song, the production takes a turn and a sudden electronic beat drop comes into play. It is a nice change of pace to keep listeners interested as the song concludes but may be a bit shocking to hear the first time around. The buildup has a great payoff as the song calms back down in the last chorus to bring it all back together.

It’s not a track sonically inspired by the ’90s as the title perhaps alludes to upon first glance, but rather lyrically and as a romanticized concept. The third song from his debut album Optimist, set to be released this October, it is clear that FINNEAS has his own way of doing things. It’s something that has made him successful and continues to do so. With a song like “The 90s,” FINNEAS showcases that good music doesn’t have to be stagnant or follow the classic pop structure that has been tried-and-true, but rather something all its own based on an artistic vision. Come what may in the future, it’s clear that FINNEAS is here to keep making his own path.