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Polaroid Teamed Up With Dancer Jojo Akamz For the New Polaroid Now+ Camera

When it came time for Polaroid to launch a new camera, it only made sense for the brand to partner with someone who knows their way around one and knows how to expertly bring content to the world. Enter Paris-based dancer Jojo Akamz who is also one of the most prominent figures on TikTok and the perfect fit to show off the Polaroid Now+ camera, the brand’s latest innovation.

Akamz first burst onto the social scene as a prankster who is as bright and effervescent as he is talented with dance. In recent years, he was a finalist in the European Buck Session krump championship and has also danced on French national TV. But instead of saving all his talent for traditional stages, he also brings it to the masses through social media. Now with the Polaroid Now+, Akamz has a whole new way to share content. In a Sept. 1 Instagram post, Akamz shared the news of the partnership, writing, “Dance is how I express myself. And trying to capture all of this energy in a photo can be tricky. So when @polaroid asked me to help experiment with their new camera, I had to give it a go. The Polaroid Now+ is the camera to express yourself — any way you like. With more control and more freedom to create.”


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What’s cool about the Polaroid Now+ is that it’s an instant analog camera that connects to your phone with Bluetooth, making it incredibly advanced. By linking to the Polaroid app, you have the ability to do a ton of creative things with your photos and videos, beyond what a traditional Polaroid could do. This latest camera, which is a step up from Polaroid’s 2020 point and shoot, has autofocus, dynamic flash, and self-timer, plus it comes with a tripod mount.

You can snag your own Polaroid Now+ on Polaroid’s website now and start creating your own content.


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