skylar astin

Skylar Astin – When You’re Not There

From Broadway, to film, to TV, to pop star. Skylar Astin proves once again that he has what it takes to transition into the world of pop superstardom on his new track “When You’re Not There.” It follows the release of his debut track “Without You.”

“When You’re Not There” is a feel-good, 70s-influenced jam that has dual meanings. It’s the feeling of being head over heals over someone and can’t imagine spending a lengthy amount of time apart, while also touching on being comfortable with yourself and living life on your own terms.

“I wanna love you / And I wanna care/ the only problem is / when you’re not there / Been thinking about it / and I’m no longer scared / the only problem is when you’re not there.”¬†Astin sings in the chorus about the affection for someone even though he’s afraid of the feelings that will hit when they aren’t around all the time.

You can also interpret as not wanting to be away from family or friends. Especially with the pandemic, it’s been truly painful to be separated from them for a lengthy amount of time. As humans we aren’t used to this type of separation. Our mental health depends on physical connection. In the time spent alone for many, it’s taught us to value these relationships and friendships. The moment once it’s officially safe and everyone is vaccinated it’s going to make reuniting a whole lot more beautiful.

Like “Without You,” it was produced by Eric Lam and the singer/songwriter hopes that he can reprieve listeners from their daily lives when things get difficult. In a press release he said, “If I can make other people feel lighter and bring some positivity and good vibes when they listen, my job is done.:

Astin’s talent is undeniable. He’s able to pull fans in by his authentic storytelling and blissful sounds. In these continued uncertain times, music is there to heal us. Music is medicine and the actor/singer is here to give us just that.