Lewis McLaughlin

Lewis McLaughlin — Summer

Lewis McLaughlin is a 20-year-old songwriter hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland. Inspired by the likes of Bon Iver, Sylvan Esso, and traditional Scottish folk music that his parents introduced him to, McLaughlin often pays homage to his roots in his music whilst also infusing it with more modern indie/electro elements.

McLaughlin’s new single “Summer” is his first for Andy Monaghan’s (Frightened Rabbit) label Monohands Records. Vocoders, autotune, and drum machines all feature throughout the track that’s held together by a catchy, folky vocal melody that remains at the heart of the music of his homeland. Speaking of the song, McLaughlin said in a press release: “’Summer’ is all about inclusivity and forgetting about our troubles to enjoy good weather, which is something we all could do with after the last year or so.”

The track is introduced with a myriad of intermitting vocal samples, which go on to form a depth of varying textures throughout the remainder of the track. However, from the minute McLaughlin’s lead vocal melody appears, you can’t help but notice the smile that slowly begins to etch itself upon your face. “Summer and the weather is fine / Summer and the weather is fine / Any way the wind blows, that’s the way the river flows / Summer and the weather is fine,” is the central mantra throughout that brims with a carefree spirit.

Sonically, acoustic guitars, fiddles and the subtle addition of pipe band drums hone in on the Scottish folk feel that’s ingrained in the track, matched with McLaughlin’s broad singing style that’s native to his homebound accent.

The track’s concluding section blossoms in full color as a troupe of voices join McLaughlin to make for a truly euphoric finale. It beckons to be sung around a campfire; arms flung around friends in heady joy as the sun starts to set on a perfect summer’s day and singing until voices grow hoarse.

“Summer” is a testament to the simple joys of being young and having few cares in the world, whatever the weather. If you’re needing something to help put a smile on your face, this track might hold the answer.