Photo: Luke Fenstemaker / Press

FINNEAS — A Concert Six Months From Now

Once upon a time, FINNEAS may have only been familiar to you as Billie Eilish’s big brother and collaborator, Finneas O’Connell. These days, however, FINNEAS is way more than that. Because if there’s one thing that FINNEAS has proven time and time again, it’s that he is an extremely talented artist in his own right. He has easily stepped into the limelight and out of his sister’s shadow with his repertoire. With “A Concert Six Months From Now,” FINNEAS shows off his singer-songwriter finesse once more.

It’s no secret that FINNEAS is a great producer and songwriter. Yet up until now, some may have thought that he saves the big hits for his sister. Even though he’s already won multiple Grammys, FINNEAS was yet to release his own album. There have been strong singles, even an EP — but nothing solidifying his artistic identity as a solo artist. Now, not even a week after Happier Than Ever‘s release, “A Concert Six Months From Now” serves as the lead single off his own debut album Optimist.

Of course, as was to be expected, the track is lyrically strong. The opening lines even include a fun reference to the album title: “Your favorite band is back on the road / And this fall, they’re playin’ the Hollywood Bowl / I’ve already purchased two seats for their show / I guess I’m an optimist.” Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, the track fits the soundscape we’ve heard from FINNEAS before. It’s melancholic, emotive, and rich with layered vocals.

Visually, FINNEAS makes use of performance art and interpretive dance at the same concert hall mentioned in the song. In an empty Hollywood Bowl by night, FINNEAS sings to himself about reconciling. Sam Bennett directed the video and captured perfectly how performances and life, too, came to a standstill due to COVID-19.

Midway through, “A Concert Six Months From Now” fully explodes into an alt-rock anthem, which contrasts wonderfully with FINNEAS’s soft vocals. Not only does the transition make the song interesting and immersive, it also adds to the clever storytelling. As the song reverts back to a soft, small vocal, FINNEAS pleads with his ex-lover. “I don’t always get angry, but I’m promising to / If it’s all that you want then it’s all that I can do.” In a way, the temporary musical explosion matches the moodiness displayed in the lyrics. What is more, the track title doesn’t appear in the song until the very end. And rather than it hinting at a potential FINNEAS tour, it’s about making amends.