EREZ — Dance It Away

EREZ’s new single “Dance It Away” will have us swaying into the night with empty minds and heavy hearts. This is the perfect song to find yourself listening to in the middle of a packed club after a day from hell. EREZ has the power to transcend us into a different time or realm that is just unfamiliar enough to help us forget. And when we finally resurface, we just repeat the song. Moody slow burning vocals paired with atmospheric neverending beats are what makes EREZ’s music so therapeutic and so groovy.

EREZ sings “give thoughts to me so I can set you free,” and we do that when we listen to this song. She brings a unique view of the world to us. Growing up all over the world from New York to Israel, her ability to give us a sincere sense of freedom though her music proves she is one to watch. We got to chat with the LA-based dance goddess about being her own producer, where she goes to dance it away and writing her latest single.

What’s your favorite thing about being able to self-produce your music? Are there any challenges in it?

My favorite thing about producing my own records is that there’s no time pressure. I allow myself to go down crazy rabbit holes where I can stumble upon beautiful mistakes which lead me to unique sound design and textures. The search becomes sort of a game — I love it.

I definitely can get stuck sometimes because I’ve spent way too long with a song and can’t really imagine it sounding differently. Also, there’s the challenge of habit which requires intention in your choices. In moments where I get stuck I hand over the song to one of my collaborators. They bring their own inspiring interpretation to what I’ve done so far, a process that is always satisfying. Just the mere fact of sitting on the couch while someone else is working on the computer, might open up your mind to hear the song in a new way.

What sparked “Dance It Away?” Where do you go when you need to dance it away?

Love is what sparked “Dance It Away.” I was madly in love with someone and felt a deep desire to relieve them of their suffering.

I dance it away every weekend in a warehouse somewhere. Usually downtown L.A.

Who or what are some of your musical inspirations?

Currently: Piano. Minor chords. Bach. James Blake. Brad Mehldau. The Club. Heart.

If you could be featured on any movie, TV show, or game, which would it be?

Hmmm… I’d love to be featured in a Tarantino movie. His soundtracks are always sublime and curated beautifully.

What got you into music and how have you evolved since then?

Honestly I don’t know how I got into music, I’ve just always been doing it. I’m thankful that I get to work at my craft and evolve all the time. Literally the things I know today are different than what I knew last month. I’m forever learning and growing. Excited by new skills and knowledge.

Having said that, I believe my biggest musical evolution to date has been that I can create a full body of work on my own. By far the best feeling in the world.

What are you thinking about right now?

That I should probably go to sleep 🙂 Thanks! <3