Photo: Angelina Golt / Press

ayokay — Better With You

ayokay is back with a new single "Better With You."

On the heels of a busy year behind the audio board for other acts, ayokay hopped back on the release train with his first proper single since 2019, serving up a bid for song of the summer by the name of “Better With You.” Hailing from just outside of Detroit, ayokay’s talents on the mic and in the producer’s chair are on full display in the melodic, baseline-driven dance track.

Singing of missing his romantic partner in the wake of their departure, ayokay’s soothing tones are a welcome sound for fans, “I’m just gonna push ‘til ya push back / I can take the blame if you need that / I just wanna know where your heads at / Don’t settle for nothing.” Down the stretch, ayokay lays down his high falsetto for the chorus, “So come back soon / I’m better with you / It hurts me too.”

On the production front, the track brandishes bouncing, hazy synths that swaddle the vocals and evoke vibes of a summer night spent contemplating decisions, soon met by maraca-esque tempo change that adds sonic depth down the stretch of the track.

In the accompanying video, the artist receives an IV drip of pink liquid from a pink-haired lady — a nice metaphorical visual.

The track marks ayokay’s return to his own brand after producing his high school friend Quinn XCII’s most recent album, Change Of Scenery II, which dropped in March of this year to positive reviews. ayokay also featured vocals on the record sixth track, “Doris Terrace” along with noted pop singer Jeremy Zucker. On top of his efforts behind the board for most of Quinn XCII’s catalog, ayokay also has lent his production talents to chart toppers Carly Rae Jepsen and Lauv.

Despite the lack of personal releases, ayokay has maintained a Spotify listenership of over 1.5 million monthly listeners. “Better With You” racked up 60,000 streams on the platform across its release day. Three years on from his debut album, In the Shape of a Dream, and a year and a half out from his most recent longform release, the We Come Alive. EP, this release points towards a project coming out in the near future.