Tadhg Daly

Tadhg Daly — Forever Young

Jersey-born Tadhg Daly first picked up an instrument at age 9, began writing music at just 13, and released his debut single back in 2019. However, it wasn’t until 2020 when he began writing for what would later become his debut EP did Daly truly discover his musical identity.

Now, with a host of singles under his belt, including the newly released introspective and touching “Forever Young,” Daly is ready to unveil his most honest piece of work to date. Last week, the impassioned musician announced that on Oct. 29 he will put out his first extended project, which promises to showcase Daly in the most authentic way possible.

To mark the release of the title track from the upcoming EP, Forever Young, Daly sat down with EUPHORIA. to discuss everything from how a broken leg initiated his musical career to how making music in a pandemic helped him discover his place in the music industry.

You’ve just released your new single “Forever Young.” How did you feel on the run-up to this release? Does it feel like a weight is lifted when you finally get a song out into the world? 

I was just excited to bring out some music, to be honest. We’re at the first stages of starting to get my stuff out into the world, so it feels like there isn’t much pressure right now. I just hope whoever is listening is enjoying it! I wouldn’t say it feels like a weight lifted as such, but it feels very cathartic to let go of the track.

Could you give us the lowdown on the events or emotions that inspired the new track? 

It’s a bit of an odd track for me. Usually, my songs are about quite specific personal feelings or events, but this one was more of a general look back to being young. It covers a broad spectrum of feelings and emotions that have haunted me for years since I was a teenager. Writing it helped me deal with those feelings, I think. To be honest, the meaning of the song changes for me whenever I listen to or play it.

Your songs always sound to be driven by strong emotions, which is wonderful and really showcases how honest your writing is. But, I can imagine writing in such an authentic way can sometimes be taxing. How do you know when you’re ready to harness those emotions and write? 

Thanks! I’m really glad that it comes across in my songs. It can bring up a lot of emotions, which on one hand is great because it’s how I deal with them, but it can also be emotionally draining. I think it’s always a bit of a balancing act with that.

Alongside the release of “Forever Young,” you also announced that you’ll release your debut EP this October. I would guess that is something you’ve been waiting to do for a while now, so what has made now the right time to release an extended project? 

Yeah, it definitely is! I recorded it in September/October last year, and I’ve been dying to start getting songs out since then. On a deeper level, I’ve been building towards this for three years now and trying to develop a sound that is truly authentic to what I want to do and who I am.

What did the process of making the Forever Young EP look like? Is this something you’ve been putting together for a long time?

The writing took place through the first lockdown in 2020 and through the summer, then we recorded it in September and October. Recording the EP was a really natural and fluid process, and it was a collaborative effort between myself and the two producers I worked with, Dustin Dooley and Andy Hall-Hall. We had such a great time making the record.

How do the unreleased tracks on the upcoming EP compare sonically or thematically to “Forever Young” and “Your Heart’s Not In It”? 

I won’t give too much away! But I do think that there is a real identity sonically and lyrically across the full EP.

You’ve mentioned how in the creation of this EP, you feel like you’ve found your musical identity. How would you define that identity? 

I’m not even entirely sure how to explain it or put words to it. It was just about me taking the time to experiment and learn about myself a little more so I could convey exactly what I wanted to say to people.

Speaking of your musical identity, before you found your place in the industry, what made you start music? Where did it all start for you? 

I’ve played music since I was 11 or 12. However, I got much more into it at around 14 when I broke my leg and had to take time away from playing football, which, at the time, was my main focus and passion. Ever since then, it felt like that’s all I’d ever be able to do in the world.

And now that you’re truly in the swing of things, what’s next for the rest of 2021 and 2022? Will you be getting back up on the stage? 

Yeah, for sure! I played my first couple of shows since the pandemic in the last two weeks, and it’s given me the bug again. I just want to be playing as much as possible now, and I’ll be releasing a bunch of music too. My next headline show is at Strongroom, London on Oct. 28, and I can’t wait!