Julia Wolf

Julia Wolf — Resting B*tch Face: Part 2

Julia Wolf, aka WOLF, is a bonafide DIY musician who writes her own lyrics in English and Italian, creates graphics, photos, and videos herself, and co-produces her music. She even owns a clothing line called Girls in Purgatory.

The perfect combination of natural talent and edginess, WOLF gets even more brutally honest about society’s unrealistic views of women in “Resting B*tch Face: Part 2.” It’s an explosive, personal song that’s sure to strike a chord with women. The mid-tempo pop song features electric guitar with her vocals being the focus point.

Had to wait till 17 for my first kiss / Mama told me you better fix your face / You’re never gonna find a nice guy that way.” How exhausting is it to constantly be told you need to get married and have kids? Society puts too much stress on women expecting them to go that route. Sometimes, they’re perfectly OK with not having a man by their side.

By the end of the song — “I’ve been keeping my focus, my focus / I ain’t changing for no dick, for no dick / That shit’s highly a bonus, a bonus” — WOLF takes her power back and does not let these expectations define her.

WOLF has picked up steam on Spotify leading with 18 million streams to date and nearly 1 million listeners since she first made her debut a year ago. The singer is quickly gaining a solid and loyal fanbase on social media that’s sure to support her at any given chance.

She is an artist who knows how to be completely transparent and authentic and can get listeners to relate to her lyrics on a deep, spiritual level. Between her ability to craft these exquisite stories through song and vocal capability, you’ll find that she’s not your typical singer/songwriter. WOLF is someone you need to have on your radar.