Cassa Jackson

Cassa Jackson — Learning How to Love

Cassa Jackson — social media sensation, trilingualist, student, and now blossoming pop star. Her latest single, “Learning How to Love” is an epic pop song about the compromises we all make in order to have a healthy and loving relationship.

The perfect mixture of natural-born talent and a fierce work ethic, Jackson shows off in “Learning How to Love — an explosive, epic song that is guaranteed to stir and inspire emotions in every listener. It’s a ballad that makes use of synthwork, enabling the song to really transcend barriers of genre and elevate the song to a unique place in the pop canon. Jackson’s introspective singer-songwriter style works with the more electronic production as it is kept minimal, and her vocals are, as always, at the center of the track.

Jackson has previously found success via her impressive social media presence. It’s one that remains absolutely true to her authentic self with videos of her singing a cappella in her car and the kitchen. Sometimes with her mum, sometimes her boyfriend, often alone, it’s these sort of personal relationships that put Jackson in good stead to have a solid and loyal fanbase — ones who will consider her a friend and a role model more than someone far removed from them. It’s an honesty that is always found, time and again, in her lyrics and performance style.

“Learning How to Love” is a defiant song, one which works directly against the persuasive tug of social media to be unattainably perfect and proves that beauty and strength in a relationship comes from hard work and dedication. Expertly crafted around her powerhouse of a voice, the song as a whole spotlights her undeniable talent as a vocalist, songwriter, and performer whose emotional input into the song cannot be understated.

Listen to her latest track below and stay tuned for more from the rising star, coming soon.